Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Happy Together

I rolled out of bed at 8:30, but read for a while before going into the living room/kitchen at 10. Lauren was up by that point as well. Threw on Body Language while I had apple muffins for breakfast and she put on her shoes and socks. Jeff Cohen from The Goonies and Malcom Jamal-Warner from The Cosby Show lead their teen contestants through guessing puzzles. Warner's correctly guessed the last puzzle and made it to the bonus round.

We headed out shortly after the show ended. Our first stop was, briefly, the Oaklyn Library. I told the librarians I'd bring Lauren around to say "hi." We did that, and she chose a couple of comic books leftover from Free Comics Day.

Our next stop was supposed to be Comicrypt on the White Horse Pike, but they don't open until noon. We trooped over the train bridge hill and into Audubon to check out the used music store Abbie Road instead. Bob, the kindly older owner, was happy to see both of us. We've bought a ton of music from him over the years. Lauren found a Monkees CD set with a previously-rare song and something for her dad.

By that point, it was past noon, and while not as killer hot as for much of the summer, it was still fairly warm, sunny, and quite humid. We ended up at Tu Se Bella's for some of the best pizza in the area. Lauren had a slice of mushroom, a slice of broccoli and shrimp, and a bottle of Pepsi. I had the mushroom, a slice of spinach, tomato, and shrimp, and a bottle of Mountain Dew. They were surprisingly dead for lunch time and a day when many schools had off for Jewish holidays. We enjoyed our meal in peace.

Was in and out of a couple store across the parking lot next. I picked up a cute orange blouse with white stars at Ross; Lauren bought a blouse, a sweater vest, and ginger candy. Neither of us bought anything at Marshalls. She bought more blouses at Goodwill. I picked up CDs and a book of fairy tales. 

Between Goodwill and Abbie Road, I ended up with:

Soundtracks for Star! and Rocky Horror Picture Show on record (Star! was still in its original plastic!)

Original cast CDs for Smokey Joe's Cafe, the Patti LuPone 2008 revival of Gypsy, and the Broadway version of Victor/Victoria

Bob Hope & Friends, 2-disc collection of songs, likely from radio broadcasts, featuring Hope and stars of the era (including Bing Crosby and Dorothy Lamour.) 

Nipper's Greatest Hits of the 60's, Vol. 1

Stopped at the Acme after Goodwill to pick up snacks. I bought two boxes of Kashi granola bars. She got Nature's Valley granola bars and Special K bars. Found a bag of Garden of Eatin' yellow tortilla chips on sale with an online coupon. We both picked up cans of Bubly for the way home. She had blackberry-raspberry, I had cherry. (And no wonder I easily got this week off. The store was quiet when we arrived, though the carts that the afternoon bagger - who had to work in the morning today because we have no one else - gathered indicated it was busier earlier.)

Walked home after that. Made our way down Nicholson Road to Atlantic, which is a little bit closer to Hillcrest than the Black Horse Pike ramp. Ran into Rose and the kids at the pool. Rose said she took those two bags of items I put in the garage to Goodwill...and was surprised it was only two small bags. Jodie apparently made it sound like a lot more. I got rid of most of my donations last year and when Jodie gave the bags of Dad's things to Veterans of America in the spring. 

Hitting the pool sounded like a great idea to me. We relaxed for an hour with Match Game '77 while I changed into my bathing suit. Lauren doesn't swim, but she did stick her legs in the shallow end. I did swim, and it felt wonderful. It's a little cool, but not freezing, and was wonderful once I got used to it. At one point, we both lay back on the water and the side of the pool, enjoying the cool water and warm sun.

Returned to Match Game '76 while I made black bean dip to go with those tortilla chips for dinner. The first episode had all of the panelists creating their own puppets when a contestant speaks her answers through her own sock puppet. The second introduced George, a sweet, smiling fellow with glasses who became one of their big all-time winners, and just a darn nice guy. 

The dip was ready by the time of Match Game PM. We crunched as Gary Crosby joined Mary Wickes, Fannie Flagg, Gene, and the regulars to figure out "Leave It to __" in the Audience Match. (Oh, and the dip came out great, despite my realizing my onion went bad and not having picante sauce. Tasted just as good with red peppers and vegetable stock with a lot of spices.)

Turned some of those farm-fresh apples into delicious applesauce while Sale of the Century was on. It was between the ladies today. The man won two Fame Games, but didn't get close on the questions. He did better on the Speed Round, but the champ just pushed through. She picked up a lovely pocket watch on the Match the Prizes board.

Finished the night online with Magnum PI at The Roku Channel. A kahuna - Hawaiian shaman - places "The Curse on the King Kamehameha Club" that his friend Orville (Larry Manetti) is involved with. When one young surfer drops dead in the water right before a big race, It doesn't help that Orville suddenly gets sick, too, or that a young female reporter is pushing the curse as a major story. Magnum begins to wonder if the curse is true, or if someone else wants the club to close. 

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