Tuesday, September 28, 2021

You Should Be Dancing

Kicked off with a fast breakfast, then made my bed and tidied up for later while watching To Tell the Truth. Gene Rayburn joined Kitty Carlisle, Bill Cullen, and Peggy Cass to figure out which man spent 14 years putting 5,000 coats of paint on one board. The next guest had a less amusing story. He was issued the same license and social security number as a different man with the same name...and ended up getting that man's traffic citations and spending years cleaning up the mess. 

Headed off to work shortly after. Work was pretty much the same as yesterday. I began and ended the day in the register, but spent most of the morning pushing carts and cleaning up a mess outside when they had no morning help. Pushing the carts wasn't quite as pleasant this time. Clouds moved in shortly after I got to work, and it became cool and humid. It rained hard at one point, but by the time I came out for the carts, the rain was gone.

Rose called me last night; I called her back during my second break. She asked me if I called the apartments yet. I said no, but I intended to call the realtor today...and now, it'll have to be tomorrow. She pointed out how nervous I am about phone calls and how long I've put off calling apartments. I had no intention of really calling them. I told her to quit lecturing me. I already feel terrible about not pushing harder for apartments earlier. I know I did the wrong thing. She let me go. If I don't see or hear from her in a week, I'll call her after I manage to get through to some realtors. 

Thankfully, by the time I went home, it was just cloudy. I changed at work to save time at home. Pulled into the garage, grabbed my purse, made sure everything in the apartment was ready, and joined Jodie at her car.

We ended up at Mulligan's Bar and Grill on the White Horse Pike. Dad and Jodie (and Uncle Ken before them) drank here for years. The new dining room is still being remodeled, but there's dining near the bar area. They have surprisingly decent food for a bar. I had wild salmon stuffed with crab, cooked spinach, and roasted potatoes along with a salad. Jodie had a New York strip steak and the spinach, potatoes, and salad. She chatted with a few friends, and we even saw one of my co-workers.

(Incidentally, it didn't rain while we were at Mulligan's, but it started up again shortly after I got home and has been off and on ever since.)

Worked on writing after I got in. Jimmie explains the jury is writing their names on the blackboards, so they don't forget them. Bill Anderson the Lizard has a pencil that squeaks. Annoyed, Brett takes it away. He has to figure out how to write with his finger. 

Let Match Game '74 run as I worked. As Brett Somers teased Joyce Bulifant about her 20's-style outfit, the others tried to help the contestant figure out what Mr. Duffy is upset that someone laughed at and "Snap __" in the Audience Match. Guich Kotch shows off his ten-gallon hat (which somehow migrates onto Gene) on Match Game PM

It was a close race on Sale of the Century. The card sharp champ would get ahead, then the other lady would. No one bought any Instant Bargains, either. The champ just managed to pull ahead in the Speed Round and won a large ruby ring on the Match the Prizes Board. 

Finished the night online with Roller Boogie. I go further into this disco extravaganza with Linda Blair from 1979 at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog.

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