Monday, September 06, 2021

It's a Living

Began my Labor Day with material from the Colliers Harvest of Holidays anthology. The big piece is a long but interesting biography of Samuel Gompers, who spearheaded the labor movement in the US and the creation of the American Federation of Labor. They also had several poems, including "I Hear America Singing" by Walt Whitman and "The Village Smithy" by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.

Had a quick breakfast while watching Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood. "Daniel and Margaret Play School," but she's only about a year old, and she doesn't want to stay still for long. Mrs. Tiger tells Daniel that he's old enough to figure out how to keep her attention. Prince Wednesday wants to play dinosaur, but his older cousin Chrissie wants to have a "Treasure Hunt at the Castle." Queen Sarah encourages them to solve the problem themselves.

Rushed out after that. I walked. It was a gorgeous day, sunny, breezy, and though a bit warmer than it has been, it's neither as hot nor as humid as it was for most of last month. I should have left earlier. Even with rushing as fast as I could walk, I still came in ten minutes late.

Which was not a good thing. It wasn't horrible when I came in at 10, but within an hour, we were mobbed and remained that way for the entire afternoon. It's the beginning of the month, a major holiday, most kids go back to school tomorrow or Wednesday, and we're coming up on the big fall Jewish holidays. Everything just got so crazy. Thankfully, though there were some nasty people towards the end of the night, most customers were in good moods. 

My relief was right on time, allowing me to hurry out after a bathroom break. Walked home, enjoying those fresh breezes and the beautiful greenery waving around me. Sunflowers, phlox, and black-eyed Susans blossom in profusion; marigolds are just beginning to appear in pots on porches.

I did see people by the pool when I got in, but I wanted to change and have a snack quick first. Got to see the last few minutes of the first regular showing of Whew! on Buzzr. An old man ran The Gauntlet through cardboard cut-outs of cartoon villains. Alas, he didn't do any better than the young woman yesterday, only making it through five villains before he got stuck and his time ran out.

Got outside just in time for dinner. Jodie, Rose, and Craig brought food from around the neighborhood. I sampled pasta salad, ribs, grilled chicken, and baked asparagus. They also had steak, potato salad, and Caesar salad. More kids than usual were in the pool, the children of Jodie's friends along with kids from the neighborhood and Khai and Finley. Finley was the last one out; she loves swimming so much, she never wants to leave the pool. Jessa was there, so we had Midnight and Cider chasing and playing with each other, too.

I chatted with Jess, Craig, and his parents about shows we like. Jessa's especially fond of weird comedies and sci-fi; Craig's folks like dramas and are looking for a good comedy to lighten things up a bit. Everyone else played Apples to Oranges on a long card table. Finley, her brother, and his best friend goofed off in a camping tent someone set up in the back of the pool area. 

Jodie mentioned that, first of all, she intends for the sale of the house to finance a move to outside of Ocean City, New Jersey. I wish her luck, but I'm not sure she knows all the realities of living at the Shore. We're still in New Jersey. Property taxes and utilities are just as high down there, if not higher. Doesn't sound like she intends to get a job, either. Oh, and she'll be with friends in Ventnor from Monday the 12th until she puts the house on the Market the 16th, which means she won't be around for the first few days of Lauren's visit. I asked Jessa to help me get Lauren to my place after she arrives.

Went inside around 7 to make Norsk Apple Muffins and watch Match Game PM. Fannie Flagg took Brett Somers' seat while she did a play during the last PM episode of 1977. (And no, she was not in jail, contrary to Fannie's joke in the opening.) She was the one who got to help a gentleman win 5,000 with "Onward __." Meanwhile, Gene strips off his jacket again to pose for the female contestant.

Slid the muffins in the oven during Sale of the Century. This one was closer than it's been in weeks. The one lady kept pushing the champ all night; the other guy got two money cards on the Fame Game. In the end, she won on a tie after the Speed Round. Picked up a Norman Rockwell print on the Match the Prize board.

I was so tired after my long day, I was barely up to The Love Boat after I settled online for the night. A woman who is obsessed with getting married by her 40th birthday (Jo Ann Worley) discovers that "Life Begins at 40," and she can have fun at any age. A college professor (Dick Martin) is hoping to chart "The Stimulation of Stephanie," but doesn't realize that Stephanie (Char Fontaine) is really stimulated by him. Issac tries to help an NFL player cut by his team (Rosy Grier) with "The Next Step" and figure out what he and his wife (Melba Moore) want to do with their lives.

Jo Ann's hardly the only person celebrating a birthday today. It's "Oscar's Birthday" on The Odd Couple. He's adamant that Felix not throw a surprise party for him. Felix being Felix, not only does he throw that party, but he invites so many old friends of Oscar's in a looking back theme that Oscar gets embarrassed. 

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