Thursday, September 02, 2021

Return of the Sunshine

Got a quick start this morning with breakfast and Buzzr. Came in for kind of a strange To Tell the Truth episode as everyone tried to figure out which man had researched turtles for their meat and to conserve them. Alan Alda and Peggy Cass said #2, while Kitty Carilse and Bill Cullen went for more serious #3. Turned out the latter two were right. (Number one said terrapins aren't edible, which they are.) 

What's My Line tried to figure out what a Czech man did with his hair. Turns out he worked for Clairol and sold hair dye. After Arlene Francis got close to figuring it out, three male models showed off the (then) latest in hair colors for men.

Once again, the day began very well. The rain had long disappeared by morning, leaving sunshine, fresh winds, and perfect 75-degree temperatures. Pushing carts was a pleasure in that weather! Later in the day, the head bagger was thrown in a register, once again leaving me to do all of the sweeping and pushing carts. She did get out later, by which time I was tired and frustrated. I even got thrown into a register briefly at one point, despite it not being busy.

Dashed out the second I was able. Once again took the long way home. It was too nice not to! I wasn't the only one, either. I dodged cars on Nicholson Road and even on West Clinton as people went for drives and headed to the Shore.

When I got in, I changed and watched Wabash Avenue while I had a snack and opened the windows. I go further into this Betty Grable vehicle featuring Victor Mature as a con man out to change a honky-tonk singer into a classier performer at my Musical Dreams Movie Review blog.

Heard my cell phone go off shortly after the movie ended. I saw Rose and her family leaving just as I got home. She wanted to know if I would mind doing Labor Day on Monday. Whenever it works for her. I'll probably be working both days anyway. 

We also had long conversations on how strange Jessa's acting and the problems we've had dealing with Jodie's scattershot and unorganized method of clearing out the house. No wonder she keeps giving me hoagies and pizza. She's already packed her kitchen utensils and dishware. Who on earth packs their kitchen items before they've even figured out exactly where they're moving? Not to mention, she keeps asking one of us to help her clear out the house...then doing it herself or asking someone else without letting anyone know she's getting rid of things. Someone besides Goodwill or Veterans of America might have wanted some of Dad's stuff. I rescued a lot of still-useful items from trash piles that could have been donated or given to neighbors.  

Worked on writing for a while after Rose let me go. Mock Turtle Avery Schreiber explains how he went to school when he was a real turtle. Brett's sons aren't impressed, especially her older son Adam who is starting college in a few weeks. (In a running gag, Adam also doesn't appreciate most of the Wonderlanders constantly referring to him as a child when he's nearly full-grown.)

Broke for dinner at 6:30. Tossed leftovers, home-made chicken stock, and a can of diced tomatoes together to make Chicken Vegetable Soup while watching Match Game '76. A woman in the audience gave flowers to most of the panelists except Charles and Bill Anderson, to the former's annoyance. Richard was quite happy to stuff his bouquet in a pocket and show it off.

The 100th episode of Match Game PM got pretty wild as David Doyle was just happy to match someone, Brett Somers made cracks about his role on Charlie's Angels, and Patti Deustch gave her delightfully nutty answers. Richard's the one who helps the contestant with "__ Pollution" in the end.

Slid the Apples Rolled In Autumn Cookies (Apple-Oatmeal Cookies) in the oven while Sale of the Century was on. For the second day in a row there was no contest. Despite the champ's worries and his not buying any Instant Bargains, he still blew everyone away at the Speed Round. Picked up a diamond ring on the Match the Prizes board. 

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Linda said...

Jodie may still be dealing with grief. Some people take a long time to heal.