Monday, July 09, 2007

A Day With The Monkees, A Night With My Sister

I did end up spending most of the day pretty much the way I figured I would - watching Monkees episodes with my knee under a heating pad. (In fact, the knee is back under a heating pad as I write this.) To stretch and keep the knee from getting stiff, I did little things around the apartment I've been meaning to do - make my bed (which I only do once a century - who's gonna see it?), glue the bottom part onto a small red shelf I bought from the thrift shop that fell off the nails I had it on, pick up a hundred small items I left on tables and shelves.

I did see Rose today...around 6:30PM. May have been just as well. I finally got her to visit Uncle Ken and Bruce (she hasn't been over there since last fall), and I ate a pleasant meal of Cornmeal-Battered Tilapia, green beans, and jambalaya with her, her boyfriend Craig, and their puppies Toby and Kelsey and their cat Bob. (I didn't see much of Bob - he was understandably avoiding the frisky dogs.)

Rose and I are going to get together again tomorrow so she can return something to Old Navy and I can buy sandals to replace the flip-flops that I slipped on. (Flip-flops are probably not the best things for a klutz to be wearing anyway.)

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