Thursday, December 20, 2007

Let Me Bake and I'm Happy

Continued my Christmas baking this morning with the Cherry Coconut Bars. About five or so years ago, my Aunt Terri gave me a gorgeous reprint of the original 1960 Betty Crocker Cooky Book for Christmas. I instantly loved that cookbook and spent all Christmas Day paging through it. I use a couple of recipes from that book for Christmas (including the Peanut Butter Cookies), but this one is my favorite.

I love coconut cookies. I experimented with different coconut cookies for Christmas for several years until I found a recipe in the Cooky Book that really went over well. Basically, it's Lemon Bars with a coconut-maraschino cherry filling instead of lemon-flavored filling. It's sweet and tasty, crunchy on bottom and slightly gooey on top. They vanished so quickly the first year I made them, I've made them every year since.

Work was quiet today, no major problems. It got busy around 4PM during the usual rush hour, but other than that, we were fairly dead.

After work, I bought my little brother's birthday present (turns out he already had the DVD I originally bought him, so I got him something that Mom confirmed he didn't have), then went over to FYE to look at their Christmas DVDs. The Emmet Otter "Collector's Edition" DVD was on sale, so I got that to replace the video I bought from Blockbuster two years ago. FYE has a promotion where you can get a copy of Miracle On 34th Street or White Christmas for $4.99 with any purchase. I opted for White Christmas, which I didn't have. I also picked up a pack of WebKinz Trading Cards. (Considered several WebKinz, but I'm going to wait and see what I get for Christmas before I get more.)

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