Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Rapido, Tico!

I did my Christmas cards while the laundry was running this morning. The cards and packages will be going out on Friday, except for my mom and stepdad's anniversary card, which will probably go out tomorrow. (Their anniversary is the 16th, but I'd like it to get there before they move...or figure out WHEN they're moving.)

I also enjoyed the usual cartoons while I did pilates. Dora the Explorer took Diego's role as Animal Rescuer in an unusual later episode. Dora and Boots must follow three different paths in order to save Diego's buddy Baby Jaguar from falling off a branch, help Isa the Iguana out of a pit, and make Benny the Bull's hot air balloon float before the Gooey Geyser goes (as the kids keep saying) "kersploosh" - and do it all as fast as possible! The three different paths theme was a nice change of pace from the usual here-to-there games (and minimized the role of Map and his annoying voice).

Diego also helped a baby animal out today. He helped bring Macki, the newborn Macaroni Penguin (penguins with yellow feathers on their foreheads), to her mother. Since Macki was just born, she doesn't know how to do all the things penguins do, like waddle and slide and flap her flippers, and Diego and the audience have to teach her! Macki was just way too adorable, especially when she and Diego "waddled!" No wonder penguins have been so popular lately.

The Munsters took a train ride that somehow landed them in Hollywood Indian territory. Comic stereotypical Indians mistake Herman for a god and make him feel important and admired...until they explain that they want him to marry the chief's daughter, which doesn't exactly sit well with Lily! (And by the way, Lily Munster is one HECK of an arm wrestler!)

I headed home with just enough time to finish off the Voyagers! episode I began earlier in the morning. I think "Cleo and the Babe" is my favorite by far of the episodes I've watched so far. Bogg and Jeff accidentally bring Egyptian queen Cleopatra to 1927 New York. She decides she likes it there and not only won't leave, but becomes the moll of gangster Lucky Luciano. Meanwhile, devoted Yankees fan Jeff is heartbroken when he finds out Babe Ruth quit baseball in 1922, so the two go a little further back to teach Babe how to hit homers, then return to see him hit his 60th...and save him from the wiles of Cleopatra and Lucky Luciano!

Work was a pain in the ass tonight. We were short on managers, and there were quite a few rude or just plain obnoxious customers. One woman and her child (it didn't sound like her daughter - at least, the way they were talking to each other, I hope not) did nothing but hold up the line. They had the wrong items for the WIC Checks. They lost the WIC Checks. They didn't have this, that, and the other thing, and why wasn't the kid bagging or the woman looking for that check? They were just so RUDE to each other and to me, I was ready to smack them both. I'm just glad the baby the lady held not only couldn't talk, but didn't make a peep throughout the entire mess!

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