Sunday, April 06, 2008

It's A Family Thing

I had a long talk with Mom this morning while the Beatles show was on. She wants me to seek group therapy for Asberger's. I'm not so sure, and neither is Scott, but I will talk to him about it when I next see him at the end of April. She also supported Scott and Rose's suggestion that I seek out a yoga or dance class, and encouraged me to look into Weight Watchers groups. She seems to be fine, other than the rain this weekend left her new yard soupy.

I called my sister Rose after I got off with her. Tomorrow is Rose's birthday, and since I have the day off, I thought she might like to do something to celebrate it. She actually picked up for once - I caught her in the middle of shopping in Wal-Mart. She said she's busy tomorrow, but we might be able to do Tuesday afternoon.

Work was insanely busy all day, the busiest it's been since before Easter. There were long lines and annoying people the whole day, even after I got off. (And for the second day in a row, I had no relief on a busy day when we needed all the help we can get, which is weird.)

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