Thursday, April 10, 2008

Skipping Spring and Going Directly To Summer

I spent most of the morning finishing my spring cleaning. The dust wasn't TOO bad, but I needed to dust under my collectible doll and bear collection on the top of the closets, the Beanie Babies and mini-Pokemon on the Beanie Baby display shelf, and the Star Wars action figures on the hanging wood display case. I only do that every couple of months. It was warm in my apartment the whole day. I didn't realize why until I opened the front door to let some air in. It was HOT! At least 70 degrees or more. I opened the windows as well; might as well air the whole house.

It was so nice, I went for a walk after I finished my chores. I wandered around on the streets behind West Clinton Avenue, between West Clinton and Manor, and wound up at the Oaklyn Public School just as it was let out. The elementary and junior-high school kids were smarter than me. While some of them did sport long sleeves and jeans, many girls wore the shortest skirts permitted or capris, and some boys wore t-shirts and lighter pants. (They're lucky, too. The rule at Cape May Elementary in the 80s was no shorts allowed until early June, and no capris at all. Girls got around this by wearing skirts during warm days in April and May, but boys had to literally and figuratively sweat it out.)

Getting to and from work was a breeze, thanks to the sunny weather and lack of wind. Work itself was quiet-to-steady for most of the night. Who wants to go shopping on a 70-degree day in April? (I did end up getting out late. I don't know why someone scheduled two people to leave at the same time and then scheduled a new cashier who is "mandatory" - has to have their register counted at the end of the day and thus, cannot change registers. I really wish people would be more careful with the schedules.)

(Oh, and this finishes my indoor spring cleaning. I'm going to wait until we get past the pollen and fuzzies before I start cleaning the porch furniture.)

And I just found out from Lauren that she didn't get her week off this year until September 8th, which means I won't be getting my vacation until September. I understand she wants more time to plan and to settle into her new home with her folks (they're moving the 17th), but it's sooo long to wait!

Speaking of waiting, don't expect to see the new Monkees role-play story for a while. We're about half-way done, but Lauren's busy with moving and a college online class and has limited time this month to work on it.

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