Monday, May 09, 2016

Busy Day at the Library

Began a cloudy and windy morning with breakfast and Sailor Moon. Esmeraude continues to attack the Guardians, beginning with Ami. The Black Moon Clan turns her cram school class against her when she gets the best grade in the class. The other girls reassure her that no matter what people say about her, they're still her friends.

It gets worse with Chib-Usa. The kid has finally made a best pal her own age, but when Esmeraude attacks her elementary school, the students start hating her. She gets so upset, she actually opens up a portal to her time...

Which takes us into the next episode. Chibi-Usa can now take Tuxedo Mask and the Guardians forward to her time, the 30th century. Though Sailor Pluto helps get them through, they still end up lost in the space-time continuum, thanks to one of Esmeraude's monsters.

Headed out to do laundry around 12:30. They weren't too bad when I arrived, but more people showed up as we got further into the lunch hour. I worked on story notes and listened to the news and The Chew. I had a ton of laundry, including towels, so it took a while, too.

As soon as I got home, I put everything away, then headed right back out. It was nearly 2:30 when I arrived at Friendly's. I was surprised there were a few people there at that hour, including a family that showed up later. I had a basic All American Burger and very hot, salty fries for dinner. I've been craving nuts, so I had butter pecan ice cream with peanut butter sauce for dessert.

The Haddon Township Library was bustling when I arrived. The DVD rack was almost literally overflowing, and there were huge piles of audio and paper books to shelve. I left the adult DVDs and audio books to the kids and concentrated on the piles of kids' DVDs (surprisingly, they all fit, even the S titles) and the non-fiction titles. Didn't take anything out this week - I really want to focus on writing.

Headed straight home across Newton Lake Park. I've never seen it look so green. All this rain has given the flora the kind of color only seen in old Technicolor movies of the 40's and 50's. The flowers are blooming. The leaves on the trees are getting fatter every day. I dodged many joggers, bikers, and kids on their way home from school.

Spent the evening working on my story. Leia and Luke are in despair when Yoda dies...but another Force Ghost appears to help them. Qui-Gon Jinn was once Ben Kenobi's master, but he died in a duel with a Black Knight. He can't heal Luke's hand, but he can lead the young man to enough Khyber Crystals to make a new sword, give Leia a sharp, fancy long knife that once belonged to her mother, and point them in the direction of what had been Ben's hut in the Kingdom of Aldran.

Returned to Sailor Moon while eating leftovers for dinner. The Guardians arrive in the future, only to find that it's a bleak, cold world. King Endymion, the ruler of this land and Chibi-Usa's father, explains that Neo-Queen Serenity has been trapped in crystal to keep her safe from the Black Moon Clan. The head of the Clan, Dimond, shows why he's worried when he kidnaps Sailor Moon, believing her to be the Queen. Tuxedo Mask goes after her...but when they return, Chibi-Usa has disappeared...

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