Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Daughters of the Crystal Future

The clouds continued to linger this morning when I got up late for breakfast. After I ate, I washed the windows, made Pineapple Muffins, and watched more Sailor Moon. Much like Ben Solo, Chibi-Usa is fed lies about her family and friends by an evil dark entity, in this case the Death Phantom. She eventually turns into Black Lady, a nasty adult version of herself. The Guardians can sense the change. What they can't do is fight someone they still see as a friend.

Sapphir, younger brother of Prince Dimand of the Black Moon Clan, has no such problems. He overhears the Death Phantom's true plans for the Earth and just barely escapes his wrath. Despite his love for Petz, one of the Sisters who became human, he still feels the need to confront his brother about how far gone he's gotten.

What happens to Sapphir finally leads Dimand to question the Death Phantom. He's still trying to kidnap Sailor Moon, but this time, she's having none of it and tries to convince him to live in harmony with the Earth instead. When a huge black crystal appears in downtown Tokyo, the Guardians know it's time for the final showdown.

Headed to work as soon as the episode was over. I once again spent most of the afternoon and early evening returning carts. We weren't quite as busy as over the weekend, but it was steady enough that the carts constantly needed to be returned. I did some returns and cleaned up a broken bottle of cooking sherry as well. It sprinkled on and off all afternoon, but at press time, hasn't flat-out rained. Grabbed some much-needed pads on the way home.

When I got in, I finished out the second season of Sailor Moon while eating leftovers for dinner. Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask use the power of the Silver Crystal - and reminders that they love her dearly - to restore Black Lady back to her child form. Taking care of the Death Phantom and his Dark Gate isn't as easy. It gets so hard that Chibi-Usa eventually joins in, having figured out what happened to the Silver Crystal of the future.

Ran Sons of the Desert for a couple of laughs while dusting my bedroom after dinner. Laurel and Hardy trick their wives into letting them go to their club's convention by saying Ollie's gone on a cruise to Hawaii for his health and took Stan with him. This works well enough, letting the guys enjoy all the shenanigans that the convention has to offer...at least until the ship they were supposed to have been on goes down and their wives get worried. Not my favorite of their features, but has some great gags, especially at the actual convention.

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