Friday, May 20, 2016

It's a Lovely Day Today

Thankfully, the weather remained gorgeous when I awoke this morning. I celebrated with breakfast and more Popeye featurettes. This time, Olive is writing the tale of Aladdin and His Magic Lamp for the movie studios. Popeye is the title character, who finds a genie in a cave and wishes to become a prince. Olive is the princess he woos. (And this is one of the very few Popeye cartoons in which Bluto is not the villain.)

Spent the rest of the morning working on fanfiction. Leia once again goes into the ogress' room to see Han...but he's still blinded, and she can no longer speak to him. Grishane, Jabba's eldest daughter, has taken Leia's voice and human form to trick him. She orders her sisters to throw Leia out and tries to climb on Han. He knows something is wrong, though...

Meanwhile, Cecil knows what's going on and needs to tell someone. He conveniently runs into Arthur, who has taken a job as a waiter for Jabba's banquet. Arthur assures him that Luke is going to arrive and save them all. Cecil's not so sure.

Work was pretty much the same as yesterday. I spent almost the entire day doing carts (though I did end up in the register briefly during rush hour). At least it was a nice day for it. It was sunny and warm, without even a wind to stir up things. When it got busier during rush hour, the carts got worse, too. I was dead tired by the time I was done.

I still had a schedule to get and groceries to pick up, though. My schedule next week is more-or-less the same as this week's, only with Friday off and slightly few hours. Otherwise, only one very early day, four-hour shifts, mostly afternoon work, nothing horrible or out-of-the-ordinary for the time of year. It hasn't been that busy, but it should pick up next week as we come up on Memorial Day Weekend and the beginning of the month.

Didn't need a really big order this week groceries-wise. I won't make it to the farm market tomorrow, so I picked up strawberries, peaches, and bananas. Restocked milk, chocolate chips, baking cocoa, cereal (the generic shredded wheat), diced tomatoes, and muffin papers. Used coupons from the (finally just ended) Monopoly game to grab mixed fruit cups and Dannon Activa yogurt.

A day this nice practically begged for dinner at Sonic. I wasn't the only one thinking that way, either. The patio was the busiest I ever saw it when I rode in. I ordered my cheeseburger, tater tots, and cherry limeade while watching older couples order hot fudge sundaes and burgers minus pretty much everything but the meat and bun and families laughing and joking over their slushes.

Finished out the night resting and putting away my groceries at home. The Backyardigans twice dove into Arabian Knights cliches. Uniqua and Pablo are "Movers of Arabia," movers who have been asked to transfer Sultan Tyrone's magical objects to a larger storage area. Will Genie Austin's wishes be more of a help, or a hindrance?

"Sinbad Sails Alone" in one of my favorite episodes (with some amazingly catchy mambo numbers). Tyrone thinks he doesn't need anyone's help on a voyage to the end of the rainbow. Pablo insists on coming along, and while he causes a lot of trouble, he's equally helpful in rescuing them from Siren Uniqua and Medusa Tasha's games.

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