Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Games Ponies, Girls, and Guardians Play

Began another rainy morning with breakfast, cleaning the bathroom, and My Little Pony Equestria Girls: Friendship Games. This feature-length tale returns to the universe of Canterlot High, where the Ponies are multi-colored school kids with powers. One of the biggest events of the year is Canterlot High's annual Friendship Games with their snooty rivals Crystal Prep. The principal of Crystal Prep is determined to win this year's games and keep up her school's reputation...and she thinks that the Twilight Sparkle of this universe, a shy, bespectacled nerd, might be the key to winning. Meanwhile, someone - or something - has been draining the magic at Canterlot High. Sunset Shimmer wants to find out why, and keep magic out of the Games.

I think you'd know if this is for you. If you're a fan of Friendship Is Magic or the Equestria Girls line, this is actually pretty interesting, especially how it addresses peer pressure. If you're new to the more recent Pony world, go directly to the original show first.

Switched to Strawberry Shortcake while finishing up the bathroom and having a quick lunch. Despite the DVD title Berry Bake Shop, only the first episode has anything to do with baking. The girls hold "The Berry Biggest, Berry Baddest Bake Off" to see who can make the most special cupcake for Berrykin Bloom, but they get carried away with the competition.

Huck thinks it's "The Berry Lucky Day" when he finds a charm that seems to give him the power to build a wall for Berry Bitty City's new dog park. Turns out, the charm really belongs to Cherry Jam, who thinks it gives her the power to hit high notes. They both eventually discover that patience and practice can help us reach our goals more than any "luck."

Thankfully, the rain had slowed to a fine mist by the time I was heading to work. Work wasn't too bad when I came in. I spent the first half of the day doing returns. Once again, it picked up heavily during rush hour. I ended up bagging or in the register for most of the second half.

Maybe there's something to luck after all. I got a 5 dollar gift card today for getting a good comment on an online customer review. I really, really needed conditioner, but I hadn't brought enough money. I picked up the conditioner and a soft pretzel for a snack on the way out. (Not to mention, the rain was gone. To my knowledge, it's just been cloudy and damp for the rest of the day.)

When I got in, I returned to my story. Leia and Lando direct the Falcon down a mountain. They barely manage to stay upright, but they do lose the Imperial carriages. They finally ditch Vader by hiding in a shadowy gorge.

Lando pulls over to rest and regroup at a fork in the road. Leia goes in the back to check on Luke and the servants. Cecil and Arthur are ok, if tired of bouncing around in the carriage. Luke is not ok. He's missing a hand and is completely freaked out over his fight with Vader and not being able to lift the spell on Han.

Finished out Strawberry Shortcake during a leftovers dinner. Everyone is jumping to conclusions in "A Basketful of Blueberries" when Blueberry is too sick to attend the masquerade ball for the opening of the dog park. Blueberry was supposed to go with a nervous Huckleberry, who isn't really a party kind of guy. Lemon and Raspberry dress as Blueberry to get him to stay, but neither of them knows what he really likes...and then when he discusses mystery story ideas with the real Blueberry, the Berrykins think they're talking about an actual jewel robbery.

Moved onto Sailor Moon while cleaning up from dinner and having Orange White Cake for dessert. In the first episode on the second disc, Usagi tries to make a braided friendship bracelet in order to wish for Mamoru to come back. She's not happy when it turns out to be a Black Moon plot. In better news, she does finally win Mamoru back after she reveals she's been having the same bad dreams about their wedding being destroyed he has.

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