Wednesday, June 08, 2016

A Cold Day In June

Started the day at work. When I arrived, it was sunny and breezy, if a bit cool for June. I did spend an hour outside, rounding up carts, and I got the outside trash. I had less luck indoors. I had no idea how you refilled the plastic spray bottles the cashiers use to wipe down the registers, or if I was even using the right ones. Turns out you use a certain nozzle over by the cleaning supplies. I thought you just poured cleaner into the bottles with a funnel.

The clouds had been building up, even when I was outside. By the time of my break around 11:30, it was pouring. It remained cloudy with occasional light showers as I rounded up carts a second time. The rain was just starting to slow down as I headed home.

Brr! It was so cold when I got home, I closed all the windows I opened this morning. I warmed up with writing. I finally decided on the 30's fanfic. The year is 1937. Leia Skylark, newly minted archaeologist, is hoping for a more prestigious assignment than being a secretary. Dr. Mothma, the head of the archaeology department at UCLA, knows her biggest obsession is with the lost treasure of the vanished Kingdom of Alderaan. Once a flourishing culture in Central America, the only link to finding its amazing gold hoard is three swords made of crystal. Two are missing, one stolen, the other vanished during the Great War. The third is currently in the possession of Derek Veder, the ruthless head of Dark Star Industries. He may or may not be in cahoots with General Pietr Tarkin, one of the heads of the fascist military organization the Empire. Leia convinces her boss that she's more than capable of handling the assignment, despite her young age.

The idea of a 30's adventure story was partially inspired by this Tumblr photo set post...and partially because I ran into some photos of Harrison Ford in a bomber jacket for the 1979 World War II melodrama Hanover Street on Tumblr a few months ago. He looked so delicious in that outfit, the wheels started turning, and I thought, wouldn't Han be a great 30's pilot-for-hire? This was originally going to be a 20's gangsters-and-molls riff, but I've seen a couple of 20's-set Star Wars AUs online, and I thought this would be different.

When I got off, I watched episodes of Tales of the Gold Monkey for inspiration while making Blueberry Muffins, honey-glazed carrots, baked fingerling potato fries, and leftover meatloaf muffins for dinner. Corky is "Shanghaied" by a slaver who wants him to fix his ship. Jake and Sarah go after him, despite Jake suffering from a recurring bout with malaria. The "Black Pearl" is a new weapon the Nazis are working on in the islands. Jake dresses as a double agent to help Sarah get the goods on them.

Played Lego Star Wars after dinner. I am absolutely no good at the rounds that require flying. It took me I don't know how many tries to take out the energy fields blocking your way. I keep hitting the sides of the canyons. Taking out Dooku was short and simple, even before Yoda appeared. I had less luck with the Battle of Coruscant, the opening round for Revenge of the Sith. There's so much going on in that round, it's hard to know what to shoot when! Didn't have an easier time rescuing Chancellor Palapatine, either. I forget what the next round is - I think Obi-Wan takes out General Grevious, which should be interesting.


Linda said...

"I had no idea how you refilled the plastic spray bottles the cashiers use to wipe down the registers, or if I was even using the right ones." It sounds like no one ever showed you how to do it, so how could you be expected to know? Honestly, there are some bosses that expect you to be Jesus and know everything automatically.

I don't supposed you ever saw HIGH ROAD TO CHINA as a kid? If it was released on DVD you could get a little taste of Han as a 30s-pilot-for-hire, except in this case he would look like Tom Selleck. :-)

Emma said...

They asked me if I knew. I said I could figure it out. Not that they've been helpful in other respects. This one was my fault, but it's not the first time they've either assumed I automatically knew something, or gave me the wrong directions for where it was.

I have vague memories of seeing parts of "High Road to China" on cable in the early 80's (Mom had a bit of a crush on Selleck), but don't remember much about it. It's been something I've wanted to see for a while anyway - I'll have to look it up. ;)