Monday, June 13, 2016

The Day Before Vacation

I couldn't believe how beautiful it was when I got up this morning. It was still windy and dry, but the wind was far cooler, and it wasn't as hot. I watched an episode of The Backyardigans while eating breakfast. Uniqua and Tasha run "Chichen Itza Pizza," the first (and probably only) pizza parlor in the ancient Central American jungles. King Tyrone calls and says he wants a pie, quick...but Uniqua's so called "shortcut" proves to be more trouble than it's worth. Tasha thinks her friend is crazy, especially since the trip is aggravating her fear of heights...

Hit the laundromat around 11:30. For the first time in two weeks, I didn't have a huge load. I was just washing the placemats in the living room, work clothes, the dust cloths, and whatever I wore this week. It wasn't busy, either. I was in and out in less than an hour. (I probably could have waited until Lauren arrived, but I at least wanted to get my work clothes out of the way.)

As soon as I finished putting my clothes away, I went right back out to run errands. First stop of the day was Phillies Phatties on West Clinton for my own slices of cheese and mushroom pizza and a can of Mountain Dew Pitch Black. It was so nice, I ate my lunch outside at the picnic tables on the sidewalk, enjoying the wind and listening to two women from the beauty shop down the block chatter.

After hitting Dollar Tree fast for sponges, I headed to the Haddon Township Library for this week's volunteering session there. I was mainly there to return DVDs and books. They weren't busy, and given the gorgeous weather, I didn't think they would be. I organized the kids' DVDs and shelved new releases. There were no CDs or audio books to put away, and not even that many adult titles.

Lauren mainly drinks iced tea and soda. I just made iced tea not long ago, but I don't drink soda myself. I stopped at the Westmont Acme to pick up a six-pack of Pepsi bottles (with the cute emoticon theme) for her. Also grabbed bananas and a bag of Acme generic organic blue corn chips (I love blue corn chips, but they're so expensive) and said "hi" to Angie, a manager who used to work at the Audubon Acme, but got transferred and now works in Westmont.

Cut through Newton Lake Park heading home. It was hotter and slightly more humid by that point, but still not horrible for mid-June. I'm surprised the park wasn't busier. I saw some bike riders, a couple of people out for a stroll, one sunbather, and some families on the playground. The park is really beautiful now. The trees are at their full maturity, big and deep-green. While algae is starting to creep in, most of the water still sparkles.

Stopped briefly at Dad and Jodie's on the way home. I wanted to say "hi" and remind them about Lauren visiting tomorrow. They were both on their laptops when I arrived, watching The History Channel. Dad's just happy his cancer is in remission and he won't need chemotherapy for two months. I got to watch him water his and clip his plants. I asked them what they're doing for Father's Day. Jodie will be at her dad's, but Dad invited my stepsister Jessa, her boyfriend Joe, and Joe's kids over. I may swing by with Lauren, if just briefly. We'll see what happens.

When I got in, I spent the next few hours working on my story. I'm still re-writing. Bail Organa sent Leia a package from Guatemala the day before he died. Leia doesn't pay attention at first...until she talks to Tarkin and realizes how badly the Empire wanted the Swords of the Guardians and Bail's research. She hurries home, driven by the Organa family's long-time chauffeur, Artie.

When I got off, I watched Romancing the Stone while eating leftovers for dinner, and later while making Blueberry Crumble Bars from The Cake Doctor cookbook. A timid romance writer finds herself flung head-first into a plot out of one of her own novels when her sister sends her a map from Columbia, and is then kidnapped. She joins forces with a cynical mercenary to rescue her sister and find out where the map leads to. Another childhood favorite of mine, this is still a lot of fun to watch today, especially if you're fond of action/romance tales or strong female characters.

Oh, and the Blueberry Crumble Bars came out well, gooey and very berry-tasting. I'm glad I didn't use the originally called for two sticks of butter - one was more than enough!

Lauren will be coming in late tomorrow at 7:40. Meanwhile, I've got a lot to do, including writing and heading up to Haddonfield for counseling.

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