Sunday, June 26, 2016

It's My Life

Began another hot, sunny day with music and breakfast. I had some peaches in the refrigerator that were very old and wrinkly. One was beyond saving, but the other was cut up for Peach Ginger Pancakes. I even made them small, like last week. Not bad. I'll try it again later in the summer, when peaches are more in season. Listened to the Bon Jovi Greatest Hits CD I picked up during vacation as I ate and got ready for work.

Work was on-and-off busy, but not as bad as yesterday. I spent the first half of my shift doing returns. I had more problems during the second half. I was supposed to be rounding up carts, but I saw a red blotch on the concrete outside the exit near the pharmacy that smelled strongly of tomatoes and vinegar. It turned out to be a broken jar of tomato sauce. I picked up the glass, but actually clearing off the mess was a lot more complicated. If it had been on the other side, I would have turned on the hose used to water the garden flowers and plants we sell during the spring and fall. I was quickly told that the nozzle on the pharmacy side wasn't working. The manager said she'd send one of the guys to do it.

I went back to doing carts. When I checked twenty minutes or so later, the red blotch was still there. I went back inside to find out where the other bagger was. Seems the manager completely forgot and never called him. I ended up doing it.

First thing was getting a bucket from the bakery. What no one bothered telling me was their buckets used to be filled with icing. I had to scrub thick globs of whipped topping off one of the buckets before I could even use it. And then, I couldn't lift a full bucket. I had to go back and forth four times in order to even close to get it all washed away (and I still didn't quite get all of it).

I was mad as a hornet when I got home. I calmed down with more writing. Leia and the guys come out of the air duct in a storage room. They find Alderaanian artifacts that have been stripped of their crystal...along with the Sword of Light, one of the three missing Swords of the Guardians. The moment Luke touches it, it glows...and he glows along with it. Tarkin shows up with his men just as Luke raises the sword, showing fencing moves that would outclass Olympic champions.

Broke around 7:30 for dinner. I kept things simple with a raspberry jelly and cheese omelet and a salad. Listened to another vacation find while I ate. I've seen Seven Brides For Seven Brothers many times. We watched it whenever it turned up on cable during my childhood. It was one of the very few musicals my stepdad and brother ever liked. I have it on one of the Turner Classic Movies 4-pack sets. I'd never heard of the 1954 version of Rose Marie until I got into musicals in the 90's. While this one, with Ann Blyth as the title mountain girl, Howard Keel as the Mountie who loves her, and Bert Lahr and Marjorie Main as the comics, sticks a bit closer to the original story than the MacDonald/Eddy version from 1936, it uses less of the music. Only three songs - "The Mounties," "Indiana Love Call," and the title number - are retained from the original stage operetta. Of the new additions, the only really memorable one is a ditty for Bert Lahr, "The Mountie Who Never Got His Man."

Finished the night with Lego Indiana Jones 2. Not that I got far. I wandered around Venice with Elsa on my heels. Found a lot of money and all of the green bricks, but never figured out where I was supposed to go. I had to look it up online. I'll try again tomorrow or later in the week.

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