Saturday, June 04, 2016

Heat of the Spring

Started a sunny, bright morning with some Max & Ruby. "Max's Flyers" are his toy airplanes. Ruby's making some very different flyers - posters for the Bunny Scouts' bake sale. Max wants his flyers to help with hers, but Ruby isn't sure how. The kids are "Getting Crabby at the Beach" when Ruby decides to dig her very own tide pool...but Max finds a crab who can do it better. "Max Baby Sits" for Baby Huffington when his mother is busy. Ruby insists that babies should have quiet toys, but Max and Baby Huffington have other ideas.

I finally headed out around quarter of 11. I didn't mean to sleep so late! It was past 11 before I finally made it to the Collingswood Farm Market. They were still surprisingly busy then for so late in the morning. Everyone was out of strawberries, but I was able to get broccoli, asparagus, and North Carolina blueberries.

Today was Collingswood's Town-Wide Yard Sale. I didn't get to ride around for too long (which is probably just as well, given how hot and humid it was), but I was out for about an hour or so, long enough to make some decent finds.

Chocolate and the Art of Low-Fat Baking (Dessert cookbook - that one was a freebie from a family that was trying to get rid of all its books.)

Spring-themed wreath with pink and purple flowers.

Kung Fu Panda 2 on DVD (picked the first one up from a yard sale last year)

Three records:

Themes Like Old Times - 90 of the Most Memorable Radio Themes

Soundtrack - Summer of '42

Soul Train Collection

Actually, most of what I bought was lemonade from various kid sellers. I was that hot. It wasn't really that warm, and there was a breeze, but the humidity had reached killer levels. I don't think I would have been out much longer than quarter after noon, even if I didn't have work later.

Stopped at the Oaklyn Library first. While CNN said good-bye to the legendary boxer Muhammad Ali, I organized the DVDs. They were a mess - nothing in the right place, stickers still on new ones. They were so bad, I never even got to the kids' section.

When I got home, I got organized, then ate lunch while watching Backyardigans episodes. Tasha's "High Tea" turns out to be a lot more exciting than the other kids originally believed when she takes them on a world journey for the perfect cup of tea. Uniqua, Pablo, and Tyrone go on a "Viking Voyage" to discover new worlds. They think they're tough...but Tasha the Mermaid insists she's tougher.

Work was on-and-off busy all afternoon. I spent a lot of it outside, rounding up carts. Thankfully, I was never doing it by myself, but it did take a while. I also did a little bit of returns. When I finished, I took advantage of a buy-one-get-one strawberry sale, since I missed the farm market ones. They also had eggs on sale for 99 cents! (What a difference from when they were over $2.99 this time last year.)

After eating leftovers for dinner, I spent the rest of the night playing video games. LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga arrived from Amazon yesterday. After the problems with the last one, I just caved in and bought it new online. I still had some problems with the double jump, and it took me at least six tries to come in first in the pod race, but I did manage to work my way up to the last level in the Phantom Menace segment. I'm hoping to at least get to the end of Attack of the Clones by the time Lauren visits, and maybe even make it into Revenge of the Sith.

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