Tuesday, June 21, 2016

(Partly) Sunny Girlfriends

Started the morning with the Monkees album Headquarters and breakfast. Lauren was up around the same time as me. We'd heard rumblings about rain, but there wasn't a cloud in the sky at that point. It was sunny and nice, if a tad humid.

Strolled down the White Horse Pike and Cuthbert to the Westmont Bagel Shop for lunch. The kids are out of school, so we were mainly joined by older people and parents with young children as we enjoyed our lunch. Lauren had the pizza bagel and a bottle of raspberry iced tea. I went with cinnamon-swirl French toast with fresh strawberries and blueberries and a bottle of water. Yum. The French toast slices were so amazingly thick, I couldn't finish them all. Lauren didn't close to finish her pizza bagel, either.

We had a little time, so we browsed around Tuesday Morning and the Haddon Township Library, checking out sales. Didn't see anything we absolutely needed. It was just as well. The bus was, for possibly the first time since I've lived here, nearly ten minutes early. We encountered a little traffic near the bridge over Cooper River, but otherwise had no problems getting to Cherry Hill.

Spent the first hour or so exploring the Cherry Hill Mall, checking out any stores we hadn't already seen at Moorestown. I found a 50% off sale on tank tops and T-shirts at Old Navy. Lauren bought two tank tops in beige and lavender. I can't pull off their bottoms, but I can do their tops. I got two v-neck tees in pale coral and pale periwinkle blue. The Jay's Video Game store there is huge, three times the size of the Game Stop next-door. I didn't see anything interesting, but Lauren found a Nintendo Game Cube wrestling game with Roddy "Rowdy" Piper she wanted. I finally got socks at JC Penney. Though they listed their Mixit socks at buy one, get one half-off, both pairs came up half-off, which was a pleasant surprise. I didn't get anything at the Disney Store, though I admired the Animator's Collection dolls (including new additions Lilo with her stuffed monster doll and Alice with Dinah). Lauren got shirts for her dad, herself, and her mom.

The clouds were moving in as we made our way over the pedestrian bridge and down to Target. Lauren just bought a Mountain Dew Code Red soda. Unfortunately, as a frustrated mother pointed out, the toy section was really picked over. I did make a few finds. Life Cereal was on sale. They just put out a new Vanilla flavor; thought I'd try it, and it was on sale. I also grabbed my favorite toasted coconut marshmallows and a Cherry Vanilla Pepsi.

The clouds were building and getting heavier. We decided it was no day to hang out, and we've been in enough malls this week. We flew straight across the Mall and right to the bus stop. Thankfully, the bus was only a little bit late. Once again, other than a tiny bit of traffic, there were no major problems getting home. Not even weather. The clouds were breaking up by the time we were on our way through Oaklyn. (It still hasn't rained at press time.)

We spent the rest of the evening playing Lego Indiana Jones 2, broken up by a dinner of chicken burgers with watermelon, steamed snap peas, and leftover marinated potatoes and broccoli. We finally finished out Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. Marion and Indy have to work together to jump and whip their way over to the Russian lady, who has control of the skulls. The last part - Indy, who can't jump high, has to climb his whip to get to the same platforms with buttons Marion can jump on easily - was especially tough. We moved on to Raiders of the Lost Ark after that. Marion helps Indy get the German jerk out of her place. After that, Sallah and Indy defeat the swordsmen and German officers in the square where Marion is kidnapped.

Switched to movies around 9:30. UHF opens with an Indiana Jones spoof. The opening is a daydream from the head of George ("Weird" Al Yankovitz), a sweet guy who can't hold a job. He finally gets a position at a local station that's losing money. Thanks to the sudden popularity of a janitor-turned-kids' show host, he has the leverage to create wild, inventive shows that make Channel 62 the talk of the town. The competition doesn't like this at all! The owner of the town's other station first buys the station, intending to tear it down. When the staff holds a telethon to raise money, he kidnaps Stanley. But one should never underestimate the power of media, teamwork...or of dreamers who have found their niche.

Cult comedy has fun with everything from the violent action pictures from the late 80's to early CGI. If you're a fan of satire or Weird Al, this one is worth looking around for.

Headed on to the second 90's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie next. The Turtles find themselves dealing with a revived Shredder, who is out for vengeance. Leonardo is more interested in finding a new home. Donatello wants to know where they're from. Raph wants to kick some Foot tail, with or without the others. Mikey...just wants pizza and to flirt with an annoyed April.

This one is far goofier than the first, and even more dated. (The Vanilla Ice "Ninja Rap" has become rather infamous.) On the other hand, it does have some of the most quotable lines and hilarious moments from anything Turtles-related. (I love the part about the traditional pre-fight donuts.) Still a little violent for the youngest kids, but for older grade-schoolers on up who can handle the fights and ignore the rapping, this is still pretty fun.

Just finished out the pilot episode from the first show, "Turtle Tracks." Lauren goes home tomorrow. I have to go to the Acme and get my schedule before I do anything else.

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