Saturday, June 25, 2016

Cartoons at the Beach

Today was my second early work shift this week. I can't believe how busy we were, especially compared to earlier in the week. I was outside for nearly five of the six hours I was there, and even with help from two other baggers later in the day, the carts still kept vanishing. Even rounding up more carts from inside didn't help. The managers kept fussing at us that we weren't gathering the carts fast enough and people were complaining. There wasn't much we could do. The carts would evaporate as quickly as we returned them to the patio. It didn't help that it was hot, despite a really nice wind. I was so happy to finally get out of there, buy bananas and the new Acme generic sparkling water, and go home.

At the very least, I was able to get my schedule. On one hand, I have two days off in a row on Fourth of July Weekend and more hours than I have been getting. On the other hand, my first day off isn't until Friday, and some middle-of-the-day shifts may make writing a problem, plus I have two long shifts. I don't think it's going to be any less busy than today, either. In addition to the Fourth of July, we're also coming up on the beginning of the month.

When I got home, I got organized, changed, then sat down and worked on my story for an hour. Under the influence of Vader's drugs, Leia doesn't give away the location of her godfather's notebooks and maps...but she does have a scary nightmare. Luke and a second, taller person are tied over a boiling pit of thick yellow liquid, screaming for her help. Leia tries to get to them, but Vader backs her to the edge of the cliff. She finally goes over...

And is awakened by Luke. He's worried about his sister, but is otherwise fine. He and his friends, pilot Harry Solomon and mechanic Charel Bacca, stole the coats and gloves that belonged to Vader's goons in order to rescue her from the factory. Trouble is, the goons followed him, and now they're trapped. Leia finally gets them out through an air vent.

I got off so late, I just had enough time for a couple of beach-themed cartoon shorts while I ate a quick dinner of chicken salad with farm-fresh radishes, romaine lettuce, and scallions. Tom is a "Salt Water Tabby" when he and Jerry hit the beach and Tom flirts with a pretty kitty. Jerry, as usual, does what he can to put the kibosh on his pal's romance. Woody Woodpecker is "The Beach Nut" who drives Wally Walrus crazy down by the shore.

Lauren didn't get online until much later. I played more Lego Indiana Jones 2 while waiting for her. This time, I finished out Temple of Doom just fine, with none of the freezing from the other day. And I have to agree with the player I watched on YouTube...the ending does seem rather like someone was smoking something.

The first round of Last Crusade was far more difficult. The Lego version opts to skip past the Indy's origins opening and straight into the boat ride to find the Cross of Coronado. Between all the goons chasing after me and the dark storm, I had a hard time completing the puzzles, and then an even more difficult time getting to "Panama Hat Guy" one last time. He was up high, but I couldn't figure out what to do after I launched my whip the first time. At any rate, I'm now in Venice with Elsa Schindler, on our way to finding Professor Jones.

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