Thursday, June 09, 2016

That's a Sunny Day

Started the day with my second early work shift in a row. It was an absolutely gorgeous day, sunny, windy, and bright, barely in the 70's. Great for rounding up carts, but too nice for shopping. Except for one very mild spurt around 11:30, we were dead the entire morning, and not any busier in the afternoon. I gathered carts, put away returns, and attempted to mop up the mess from melting ice at in the seafood department (one of the seafood people finally pulled out a larger machine to get rid of the huge puddle there) and in aisle 11, in front of the cleaners and sponges. (It's directly in back of a frozen food freezer that keeps leaking whenever it gets humid.)

Bought milk on my way out, then headed home. Spent the next few hours writing. Leia gets her interest in the Kingdom of Alderaan from her godfather, Dr. Bail Organya, a leading authority on the former empire. He's going to a party at Veder's lavish home in the Hollywood Hills and has invited Leia along. She's hoping this will give her a chance to find out more about what Veder and Tarkin want and where the Ruby Sword is.

She meets her twin brother Luke outside - he has their shared car. Luke's a journalist, but while he does want to get major assignments someday, he's not as ambitious as Leia. For right now, he's perfectly happy as an intern for Benton Kenner, a veteran reporter at the Los Angeles Daily Star. He makes money during the day working for his friend Harry Solomon as a pilot and mechanic at his small-time charter service. He doesn't like the idea of Leia going to Veder's house at all. Kenner's told her stories about the man and what he does to anything - or anyone - that displeases him that would make your hair stand on end.

Got off around 5:30. I would have stayed on longer, but I couldn't put off the remaining spring cleaning. I needed to do heavy dusting. I have so much junk in this apartment. I only dust under everything twice a year, once in the spring, and once in the late fall before Christmas. Today, I did under the CD's, records, DVDs, cassettes, and the books on media history. Even that took me an hour and a half. (Partially due to distraction from the aforementioned books.)

Ran Moonstruck as I cleaned, and later as I had leftovers for dinner. Cher plays Loretta, a superstitious Italian widow in Brooklyn who sees a fairly well-off mama's boy (Danny Aiello) as her last chance at a real wedding. He insists that she invite his estranged brother Ronnie (Nicholas Cage) to the nuptials. Ronnie is a damaged baker with a missing hand and a lot of resentments, but when he meets Loretta, they fall for each other. Loretta even gives herself a makeover. A night at the opera leads to a lot of revelations...and some discoveries on the nature of love, death, and Italian food.

An enjoyable ethnic-based romance, with Cher in an Oscar-winning performance as the lonely widow, and Nicholas Cage also fine as her tortured beau. Olympia Dukakis and Vincent Gardenia are fine as Loretta's parents, who are having marital problems of their own. I did see at least part of this as a child in the late 80's, but I didn't understand a word of it then. Most kids nowadays probably won't be interested either, but for adults who have had their own romantic misadventures (especially if they come from big ethnic families), this is still very sweet and fun to watch.

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