Friday, June 17, 2016

Ramblin' Women

Started off a beautiful, sunny day with Charlie's noisy tools and some Garfield while I ate and Lauren got organized. Garfield In the Rough takes everyone's favorite fat cat on vacation...but he'd rather be doing anything that isn't camping. He learns just how wild the outdoors can be when he finds himself defending Jon and Odie against a black panther! In Garfield In Paradise, their trip to a tropical island gets complicated when they encounter a pack of doo-wop obsessed natives and a volcano that's about to go off.

We headed out around quarter after 11. Stopped at Simply Soups in Audubon for an early lunch. They're on the way to King's Highway, and they're the fastest food you can have that's still cheap and good for you. It was nearly noon by the time we made it there. Several older women were already gathered around tables, talking about the news and their children. We both had a cup of chicken orzo. She had a can of Pepsi. I had a can of Diet Pepsi and an oatmeal cookie.

We picked up the 12:37 to the Moorestown Mall. We were there with plenty of time, which turned out to be a moot point anyway. They were fifteen minutes late. We ran into some traffic on the way there, including road work the bus had to inch around. Other than that, there were no major problems, and only one other person who went all the way to the Mall with us.

Spent the next few hours wandering around the Mall proper. Despite some decent sales, I couldn't find any decent work pants at Boscov's. Lauren did better, picking up two more blouses. She also did better at the tiny FYE. I didn't get anything there; she found a Weird Al Yankowitz figure (she's a big Weird Al fan) and two wrestling t-shirts. I finally found work pants at the Macy's on the end of the Mall. Lauren picked up an outfit for the bank. We both bought Father's Day cards for our dads at Hallmark.

I couldn't leave Moorestown without checking out their enormous Barnes and Noble. It's so big, it still sells CDs and DVDs. Alas, Hamilton wasn't any cheaper there than at FYE. (I'm very likely going to pick that one up on Amazon.) I did find a new journal and the Star Wars Han Solo-centric story Honor Among Thieves. Lauren bought both Tom & Jerry Spotlight Collections.

We had a little bit of time before we needed to pick up the bus home. I was hungry, so we stopped at the small Starbucks booth in the same hall as the Food Court. I love their lemon pound cake. Lauren gave it a shot, too. I had a Mango Black Tea Lemonade. Lauren had a raspberry iced tea.

Picked up the bus at the stop outside of Boscov's. Despite it being quarter of 6 and the tail end of rush hour, it was on time. There were no major problems, not even a lot of traffic. We got off at King's Highway, then hiked home, enjoying the nice breeze and a warm but not humid day. Made a quick stop at Family Dollar for toilet paper on our way.

When we finally got home, we played more Lego Indiana Jones for a while. Unlike Star Wars, they don't tell you where to go right away. You have to find the right arrows...and we found the wrong arrows. We went ahead of what we were supposed to do. Lauren inadvertently found the right place to go. She had Mutt fix something...something that turned out to be a motorcycle. The next round was a riding round. We got to smash into police cars and tear into anything that did or didn't move, even a park and a library! Lauren and I had a great time. Probably the most fun I've had so far with either Lego game.

We didn't have dinner until nearly 9! I tossed together broccoli and the last of the fingerling potatoes with a balsamic vinaigrette dressing - had the chicken legs for protein. Watched Batman Forever while we ate. We were talking about superhero movies earlier, and I told Lauren this was the only Batman movie I ever liked. She's a fan of it, too. Batman (Val Kilmer) had to take on not only Two-Face (Tommy Lee Jones), but the Ridder (Jim Carrey) and his mind-reading machine. Meanwhile, he adopts Dick Grayson (Chris O'Donnell) when his family dies in a circus accident and he's watching. Grayson wants revenge on Two-Face, but Bruce Wayne knows revenge is a a dish best not served at all. This is the only Batman movie to truly balance both the camp and the dark elements. Nice cast, too - Kilmer makes a fine Batman, and Carrey gives a career-best performance as the Riddler.

Finished the night with a more stylish superhero movie, The Rocketeer. A barnstorming flyer (Bill Campbell) finds a jet pack and thinks he'll be able to make more money in the show. It turns out the jet pack is an experimental weapon created by Howard Hughes and coveted by the Nazis. He chases a movie star-turned Nazi (Timothy Dalton) who has kidnapped his girlfriend (Jennifer Connolly) to stop an invasion. A personal favorite of mine - retro fun if you like serials or old-fashioned action.

Tomorrow, we're going to hit the Farm Market and explore Collingswood, and Lauren has laundry that needs to be done.

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