Thursday, June 23, 2016

The Rains Came Late

Began the day with my first work shift in a week and a half. After it was dead when I was running errands at the Acme yesterday, I didn't think it would be that bad...and it wasn't. It did get relatively busy around noon. The carts were empty when I came out to do them during the second half of my shift. It was cloudy when I went to work. It even showered lightly as I rode down the Black Horse Pike. By noon, though, it was sunny, hot, and humid. My feet were killing me by the time I finished. I bought oatmeal (which I forgot yesterday) and the Acme's generic fruit soda and headed home.

When I got in, I read Honor Among Thieves for a little while, then went on the computer to do story work. Leia and Artie dodge the men shooting at them long enough to get back to Alderaan Manor, Leia's godparents' home. Leia finds the other thing the men were looking for in her godfather's desk - the map that lead to his major discovery. Artie's intrigued, but Clarence, Bail's worrywart assistant/translator/secretary, is absolutely frightened.

He has every reason to be scared. Gunshots shatter the windows of Bail's office, forcing the trio to take cover. While Clarence tries to call the cops, Leia hands the map and Bail's research over to Artie. He and Clarence are to take it to Luke and Benton Kenobi at the Los Angeles Daily Star. She fires at the men again to distract them. The two servants get out. Leia isn't so lucky. One of the goons knocks her out before she can follow.

The rain that had threatened in the morning didn't finally arrive until around 6 this evening. Thankfully, it wasn't a thunderstorm, just a heavy shower. (Good thing I did work early today.) I was eating leftovers and watching an episode of Tales of the Gold Monkey when it started.

A Japanese man wants to "Honor Thy Brother" by luring Jake into a trap. Jake shot down his brother the year before, and the man wants revenge. Meanwhile, Sarah is delighted when Jake tells her he's seen unregistered Japanese planes in the area, though no one else believes him. Corky's act of charity for a local fisherman gains him an unexpected and unwanted wife. And Jack the dog briefly gets his eye back, only to lose it again.

Lauren was late getting online. I played more Lego Indiana Jones while waiting for her. The last round of Raiders of the Lost Ark was really strange. After the Nazis all do disco moves (don't ask), you have to direct the energy of one of the villains from the Ark back to the villain. It was fairly complicated with one person, especially the last part. I had to get both figures on buttons at the same time, not easy when I was only controlling one.

The first two levels of Temple of Doom were slightly easier. Level one was a basic car bash-and-crash as Indy and Short Round try to out run Lao Che's men and rescue Willie. The second level was quieter. The trio have to give monkeys bananas in order to get the Shankara Stones back. Elephants are involved. It took me a while to figure out how to get everyone where they needed to be.

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