Wednesday, June 01, 2016

These are the Droids You're Looking For

Today was my first of two early work days in a row. It actually could have been worse. I did start in the register, going in for someone's break, but I mostly either rounded up carts or did returns. It was on-and-off busy, not bad for the first day of the month. They wanted me to stay and go in for a cashier who called out, but first of all, I'd already been working all morning, including two and a half hours of gathering carts, mostly alone, in mid-80's heat. Second, by the time I finished, it was dead. They probably wouldn't have needed the other cashier. Third, I only had enough money for a snack, not lunch. I just went home instead.

When I got in, I made a Fruit and Chicken Salad for lunch, then worked on my story for a couple of hours. King Palapatine taunts Luke, telling him the Rebel fleet and those in the courtyard, including Leia and Han are walking into a trap. He wants to fight him, doesn't he. Luke's not sure...

Meanwhile, Lando's leading the charge on the Death Star's vault, with help from the crew of the Ghost and the dragons. They blow and melt open the vault, revealing the Empire's vast treasures. While the others decide what to do with it, Lando takes the Falcon back to the courtyard to defend the others.

Got off around 5 to do some errands. It was sunny this morning, but the clouds had rolled in even while I was at work. It rained a little bit during my writing session, but the rain ended long before I finished. I'd noticed as I was going upstairs that Charlie had finally attached the new hose to the spigot under the porch. It was time I did something I'd put off for a while and did the outdoor cleaning.

Twice a year, during the mid-late spring and the mid-late fall, I scrub the trash and recycling cans, the deck chairs, the blue milk crate I use for an outdoor table, and my bike. I had to do it upstairs and lug buckets of water from inside last year, since Charlie didn't have the hose set up yet. The hose and the new spray nozzle made my task infinitely easier. It took a while, since I was doing everything at once, but I did get it done.

(And though I was able to scrub about half the grime off the chairs, I finally gave up on them. I've had them for at least fifteen years, since my first year in Wildwood. They're simple, cheap white plastic chairs that have been rough and grimy for some time. Not to mention, they were never all that comfortable to begin with. I put them outside with the trash.)

Had leftovers for dinner and finished Droid Tales after I did my chores. The remaining episodes cover the only episode of the Rebels cartoon Artoo and Threepio appeared in and their parts of the Original Trilogy. Empire and Jedi were so important to the storyline, they got their own episodes. As he tells stories, Threepio continues to pursue Artoo and the mysterious droid thief, first to Tatoonie, then onto the Millennium Falcon with a vacationing Chewbacca and Niem Numb, and then, to the former droid factory at Genosis, where they discover the Empire isn't totally gone...and Threepio learns just how important that brave little astrotech droid is to him.

Oh, and I came up with such a wonderful story idea, I wrote it down in less than an hour tonight. It's a second short fairy tale, about how a princess tricks a group of trolls who have captured a prince and want to force him to marry them. It's up at my writing blog.

Princess Elena and the Trolls

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