Sunday, October 19, 2014

Dress Up Dolls

Started an early morning at work. We weren't too busy at 8 AM. I spent the first hour doing returns. It did pick up later in the morning. Thankfully, by the time it was getting crazy, I was done. My relief was right on time, and I headed out.

I was tired when I got home. I'm not used to working that early on a Sunday! I spent a half-hour or so resting and reading Watership Down. I'm about two-thirds of the way through the classic stories of rabbits first fleeing their original warren before its destruction, then retrieving does for their new warren from one run like a totalitarian state. It's not the easiest read in the world (the rabbits have their own language and stories), but it's a surprisingly absorbing tale for a survival story about rabbits in the English countryside.

When I finished the current chapter, I changed the American Girl dolls into Halloween costumes. This is the one time of year I'll let the historical dolls get away with wearing non-historical costumes. Whitney looks adorable in AG's Flapper Costume from 2005. Josefina is a lovely fairy princess in AG's very first ballet costume from 1995, based around the Sugar Plum Fairy. Felicity tries the 50s in a hand-made poodle skirt, petticoat, and blouse from eBay and Molly's saddle shoes. Samantha is a lovely little AG mermaid in the Sparkling Mermaid outfit from 1998. Molly wishes she were in Hawaii in the hula skirt, lei, kukui nut necklace, and pineapple-shaped ukelele from the 2007 Island Hula Outfit with her Hula Costume red sweater and meet skirt. (The skirt and leis that went with her original costume aren't in great shape and are too fragile for her to wear.) Jessa represents her Chinese heritage in Ivy's Chinese New Year Dress.

I listened to random football games all afternoon, then switched to records during dinner. Ran the 1966 Broadway cast album for I Do! I Do! while eating my Cranberry Pancakes. This charming, rather slight comedy-drama is, simply, the tale of Michael and Agnes, a typical married couple. We see all the ups and downs of their marriage. from the wedding to the arrival of the children, from his affair to her depression after their daughter's marriage. What makes it work is a charming score (including the hit "My Cup Runneth Over") and the performances of two theatrical powerhouses, Mary Martin and Robert Preston. Preston actually won a Tony as Michael. A must if you're a fan of either of the stars.

Oh, and since the Eagles are off this week, my main interest football-wise was in the Giants-Cowboys game. Darn it, the Cowpokes won again, pushing off the Giants 31-21. Mom's Redskins had an easier time, just squeaking past the wayward Tennessee Titans 19-17.

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