Sunday, October 12, 2014

The Eagles Stomp On the Giants

It was a gorgeous day when I got up this morning. I had just enough time for a quick breakfast of Pineapple Pancakes before heading to work. Work was busy all day, not unusual on a Sunday. It was so busy, I didn't get my break until nearly quarter of 3, and I worked 12 to 4. Thankfully, my relief was actually early. I was able to get out with no problems.

It was so nice, I went for a walk after I got in and changed into capris and my Eagles jersey. I wasn't the only one. There were lots of people out and about today. Adults raked their yards and put up their outdoor Halloween decorations. Kids played football in their front yards. Their older siblings roamed the streets on foot or on bike. (Two of the older grade-school age boys riding past me on Newton cheered "Go Eagles!" when they saw my jersey. I gave them a thumbs-up and said "Oh yeah!" ;) )

I deserved a treat after a long, busy week spent mostly indoors. Dunkin' Donuts was busy with people enjoying their own snacks when I came in. I had a Mocha Coolatta. It was really sweet - I think I might go for the Vanilla Bean next time.

I headed home down Kendall and around to Woodlawn Terrace. It's really starting to look like fall here. The trees are slowly getting more and more colorful. Mums and late roses blossom in every garden. Every yard is filled with leaves and sticks from the last few showers. The air is getting that woodburning smell it gets in cooler weather. It was just a lovely day to be alive.

When I got home, I put on WIP on the radio and spent the rest of the evening listening to football. I saw a little of the Packers-Dolphins game at work. The Packers were up 10-3 during my break. By the time I finished, the Dolphins had come back, and the Packers were trailing 24-20. The Packers finally got a big touchdown in the final seconds to win the game 27-24.

The Cowboys-Seahawks game was even more thrilling. I listened to the game as I made Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffins and had leftovers and farm market corn for dinner. The Seahawks didn't get as lucky as the Packers. They were up 10-0 early in the first half, but the Cowboys kept throwing huge passes and just plain outran a miserable Seahawks offense to finally win 30-23.

Of course, the big game here was the match-up between the New York Giants and the Philadelphia Eagles at Lincoln Financial Stadium in South Philly. The Eagles have been freakin' AMAZING. The defense has sacked the Giants' star quarterback Eli Manning at least five times and knocked out their best wide receiver for the season. The Eagles' quarterback Nick Foles got his first offensive touchdown in the first quarter this season...and it just kept rolling from there. As of this second, entering the last two minutes of the game, the Eagles are slaughtering the Giants 27-0.

(And the Eagles aren't the only sports locals to dominate the opposing team today. The Baltimore Ravens' Joe Flacco, an Audubon native, broke a record when he threw five touchdowns in the first half-hour of the Ravens' game against the woebegone Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the fastest in NFL and Ravens history. They took down the Bucs 45-17.)

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