Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Heat Wave Runs Wild

It was sunny, humid, and ridiculously warm for this time of year when I rode to work around 11 this morning. Thankfully, a stiff wind kept it from feeling worse. Once again, we were busy for most of the day. Lots of cranky people and a lack of help only made things crazier. Thank heavens my relief was right on time. I went straight home afterwards. The sun was gone by then, but it was remained windy and humid.

When I got in, I went right in the bath. I badly needed it. Work's been so busy lately, a lot more than usual for this time of year. I guess it's the big sales we've been having. I cheered myself up with this year's American Girl Holiday Catalog. I love the photography this year! The modern (MyAG) dolls are lined up to look like a chorus and orchestra; some even have instruments. The Bitty Baby (baby dolls) are all posed on a couch like they're crawling around. It's too cute.

When I got out of the bath, I had leftovers for dinner while beginning the second of three horror-oriented movies done in the East Side Kids series. In Spooks Run Wild, it's really the Kids who are running wild when they escape the camp in the Adirondacks they're staying at to meet a pretty girl on a date. They're forced to stop in a spooky mansion after one of them is shot by an irate groundskeeper. They seriously regret it when they learn that the mansion once belonged to a magician, and that there's a very spooky man (Bela Lugosi) living there now that may just be the murderer that everyone in the area has been talking about...

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