Tuesday, October 21, 2014

The Fall Trip to Deptford

I spent the morning of the first of my two days off sleeping until 9:30. When I got up, I finished Watership Down, then wrote in my journal. There was already noise downstairs, even as I got dressed. When I came home last night, I discovered that wooden columns had been added to the sides of the stairs to my apartment for more support. They were already out there finishing them as I moved to Cranapple Muffins and an apple for breakfast and watched two TV show episodes with spooky themes.

Laverne and Shirley go looking for a couch in a creepy old manor in the second season episode "Haunted House." Their guy buddies Lenny and Squiggy join them...until they and the man from the city who was selling the couch disappear! Now they have to figure out how to get out and what's making that noise, before they're the next ones to vanish.

The Monkees also dealt with a supposedly haunted house in the first season episode "Monkee See, Monkee Die." They inherit the organ from a deceased millionaire, but don't expect to find themselves spending the night in his spooky old home, with relatives disappearing and Davy falling for the niece who inherits the house. It's Davy who finally come up with the solution when they discover who's been behind the mystery.

It was past 12:30 when I finally made it to the laundromat. It was dead as could be when I arrived. While the washer was running, it was just me and The Young and the Restless. By the time more people were using the washers, my load was in the drier.

I quickly put everything away when I got in, then went right back out again. I wanted to pick up the 2:40 bus to Deptford. There wouldn't be another one until 4! At least it was a nice day for a bike ride. Far from the rain we were supposed to have today, it was sunny and bright, with barely any wind. I made it to Barrington with enough time to spare to grab a slice of pizza and a Coke Zero for a late lunch.

I wanted to keep my Deptford errands short this time. Hit Target right when I got in. They were even quieter than the laundromat. I mainly needed underwear. Their selection is far better than Wal Mart's (and they usually have most of theirs in stock).

Though I explored their toys and stationary, the other reason I was there was to take a look at their seasonal section. Target always has a great seasonal section. They have things that no one else has...like Maple Brown Sugar Pillsbury Cake Mix and Maple Bacon Betty Crocker Cookie Mix. I also picked up Jet Marshmallow Pumpkin Spice Mallows, which look like a seasonal variation on those flavored and shaped marshmallows Jet did a few years ago. I really miss those. Didn't find any DVDs this time, though, not even random Halloween cartoons. Grabbed lemon extract as well - it's cheaper at Target.

(Oh, and Matt and all Dinosaur Dracula regulars, yes, I did see this year's retro Monster Cereal boxes, including those for the fruit snacks. Yes, the masks on the back are cool. No, I didn't buy them. I still don't eat cereal with marshmallows or fruit snacks.)

It was such a nice day, I decided to take a short walk. Not to the Deptford Mall; I just did a mall last week. I had a 20% off coupon for Bed Bath & Beyond, so I headed across the street to the newly rebuilt shopping center across from the Deptford Mall.

I took a look at the Christmas Tree Shoppe first. The place was ENORMOUS. It was sort of a cross between Michaels' and Bed Bath & Beyond. Both BB&B and Christmas Tree Shoppe had huge food sections, filled with fancy imported and gourmet items. The Christmas Tree Shoppe had elaborate Halloween and Thanksgiving decorations in addition to actual Christmas things. I didn't get anything at the Christmas Tree Shoppe. I used my coupon on a new long rectangular cake pan from Bed Bath & Beyond. It was a beautiful nonstick Wilton Advance that had a heavy plastic lid with a handle. The sale was $14.99; the coupon brought it down to $11.99.

I picked up the bus home in front of the empty building that used to be Bally's Gym. Had no problem either way, despite taking the trip home during rush hour. When I got back into Barrington, I unlocked my bike and road straight home, mostly taking the back roads to avoid the traffic.

After I got home, I put everything away, then made the Maple Bacon Cookies while watching more horror-oriented TV show episodes. "The Boy Who Left Home to Learn About the Shivers" is one of the lesser-known stories covered by Fairie Tale Theatre. The boy in question is Marvin (Peter MacNichol), an innocent peasant who has never felt scared in his life. His father throws him out, and he heads to Transylvania in an attempt to learn about fear. A king (Christopher Lee) offers him his greatest treasure if he can spend three nights in a haunted castle. He accepts...but nothing, not the sorcerer's powers or the ghosts or the ghouls who want to go bowling...seems to really scare him. Nothing except maybe his love for the inkeeper's pretty daughter (Dana Barron).

Alton Brown finds himself in an equally frightening pie shop in "Oh My, Meat Pie," a Good Eats spoof of Sweeney Todd. Alton (or his great-great-grandfather) shows the makers of "the worst meat pies in London" how to make the perfect Shepard's and Mincemeat Pie. They keep avoiding his questions as to what meat they're bringing him, though....

Oh, and work on the porch proper has commenced. The railings around the side of the porch that's sagging have been removed, and that side is now taped off. I'll keep you posted on how it goes.

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