Thursday, October 02, 2014

Solving a Mystery

I spent most of the morning trying to figure out what happened to that darn Warner Archives order. It STILL hasn't turned up, even after the American Girl and eBay items did! (And the AG stuff showed up one day early.) The Post Office said "we got the electronic information, but not the item. It was either never paid for or never sent. Call UPS." UPS said "we haven't seen it since we sent it to the Post Office. Call Warners." Warners finally agreed that it was officially lost and put in an order for two more DVDs. They should be sent out in a few days.

All of the customer service representatives I talked to were very helpful and nice...but that doesn't mean this should have happened in the first place. From now on, I get my made-on-demand DVDs from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other companies that send you what you want via one company, not two or more. I suspect it was lost during the switch between UPS and the Post Office, and that wouldn't have happened if one company or the other was handling it.

I ran Garfield's Halloween Adventure as I had a quick tuna salad on a bed of spinach for lunch. Garfield and Odie dress as pirates and go trick-or-treating. Garfield gets carried away with the nautical theme and swipes a boat for them to get across a river. Soon, the two find themselves stranded on an island with a creepy old man who tells them the story of ghostly pirates who come back for their treasure on Halloween night. The duo find themselves having to outrun the ghosts...and fast!

Work was steady the entire evening. It's the beginning of the month - this is the only time a lot of people can shop. Most people seemed to be in good moods despite the crowds. It slowed down enough by 8 that I was able to get out quickly without a relief.

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