Sunday, November 22, 2015

Holiday Time Dolls

It was cloudy and colder than it has been in weeks when I got up this morning. I was up a little late with Lauren and barely had enough time for Cornmeal Pancakes and some holiday music. I ran the Disney's Christmas Collection II cassette Lauren gave me for Christmas last year. Most of the songs are performed by the Disneyland Chorus, but I my favorite is sung by the Disney Characters - a hilarious version of "The Twelve Days of Christmas." (Love Donald and Goofy tripping over each other's lines.)

Work was, not surprisingly on the Sunday before Thanksgiving, on-and-off busy for most of the evening. We'd have long lines and they'd call up stock people, and then the lines would die down, and everyone who was shopping would make it up front and we'd be busy again. Thankfully, there were no really major problems. It slowed down slightly after the Eagles game came on. My relief was on time, and I was in and out. I picked up molasses, which I forgot on Friday and will need for the pumpkin bread this week, and had a slightly stale soft pretzel from the party yesterday during break.

When I got home, I changed, then went right into dressing the American Girl dolls for the holidays. Each doll has a special holiday outfit of her own. I was delighted to discover that the red vinyl shoes with the bows from Samantha's new Spring Day Dress matches her Cranberry Christmas Dress beautifully. Josefina is as pretty as a Mexican princess in her yellow Christmas Dress and Mantilla. Molly swiped Samantha's new "meet" shoes to go with her velvet Evergreen Christmas Dress and white Springfield Collection socks. Jessa's in the Chinese New Year's outfit from the 90's modern line. This year, she got Josefina's mules, and Whitney got the Ivy's New Year's Outfit strap shoes to go with her Snowflake Ball Gown, black tights, and sparkly clip. They remind me of the embroidered Chinese-style strap shoes Rose and I had when we were very little. (Plus they fit Whitney a lot better than they do Jessa, even with Whitney's tights.) Felicity shines in her bright blue Christmas Ball Gown paired with the choker from Josefina's Heirloom Accessories.

Did a little writing after I finished the dolls. First of all, I re-wrote the ball sequence a bit. Doug's arrival puts the damper on Betty and Scott's dance of romance, just as he's about to tell her something important. He flees...but they both end up with souvenirs. She finds his necklace with the purple moon pendant that's his most precious possession. He finds her crystal shoe.

Meanwhile, Jeff has to leave for Britannica rather suddenly. Hilary tries to handcuff him to keep him from leaving, but he gets away.

I had a quick dinner of leftover chicken-vegetable soup, then went into making Cranberry Bread. I always bring two kinds of quick bread to Thanksgiving dinner. It's a tradition that goes back to college. Quick bread mixes were often the only things I had the time or the room to make that I could bring to Thanksgiving dinner. Nowadays, I make my bread from scratch, but they still get eaten the day after Thanksgiving for breakfast.

I wish the bread hadn't taken so long to bake! It was in there over an hour and a half, and it still hadn't cooked all the way through. It didn't last year, either. I hope I didn't burn it. Next year, I'll have to turn up the heat a bit. I thought it was just that I didn't give myself enough time to bake it last year.

Listened to the last of the 20's CDs I bought a few weeks ago as I worked. I didn't realize how far back some standards went. I recognized everything from "They'll Be Some Changes Made" to "Margie" to "Chicago" and "Runnin' Wild."

Wish the Eagles had run wild. They were terrible. They lost badly the the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (who aren't great, either) 45-17.

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