Friday, November 27, 2015

Welcome to the Holiday Season

Though the chatter downstairs awoke me around 7 AM, I finished the Maisie Dobbs book Leaving Everything Most Loved and wrote in my journal rather than deal with Dad and Rose continuing their fussing about politics from last night. People were in better moods when I finally made it to the dining room/kitchen. Mom had put out slices of my pumpkin and cranberry bread. Dad in particular was effusive about my cranberry bread; he said he must have eaten seven half-slices!

Anny's crew arrived around 8:30-9 AM. Khai got bored with watching Paw Patrol and joined Collyn and Skylar back outside on the scooters. I can't say I blame them. It was even nicer today than it was yesterday, in the lower-mid 60's and as sunny as can be. No wonder we could barely drag Khai off the scooter when it was time to head home. I went inside to hug everyone goodbye (including little Lilah, who was enamored by Mickey Mouse Clubhouse) before we hit the road.

We finally left at 9:50. This time, we went straight through, no stops at WaWa or anywhere else. Khai wasn't much fun to travel with. He kept drinking sticky Arizona iced tea and spilling it on himself, then complained about it being wet and ended up stripping off his shirt. His dad starting in on Bigfoot again got him and Rose fussing at each other about Internet hoax videos and what's real versus what isn't. (Despite agreeing with Rose yesterday, with most things, I keep an open mind. We don't really know what's out there. There are some pretty strange critters in this world, including ones we haven't discovered yet.) Thankfully, by the time we were driving down the ramp off the highway, Khai had settled down and was trying to nap.

The traffic was so sparse, even around the malls, that it was only quarter after 11 when I got in. As soon as I unloaded my backpack, I went right into taking down the fall and Thanksgiving decorations. I'm hoping to start putting up the Christmas decorations by the end of the weekend. Ran Very Merry Christmas Songs as background while I worked, and later while eating tuna-tomato salad for lunch.

But that beautiful day beckoned. It was too nice to be inside all day. I opted to run a few chores, starting with returning Cranberry Thanksgiving to the Oaklyn Library. They were surprisingly busy for a nice day the day after a major holiday, with several people on the computer or volunteering. I organized the DVDs (the kids' titles were really bad) and looked at the kids' books.

Headed to the Acme next for this week's grocery shopping and schedule. I didn't really need that much. Mainly restocked things I used up this week and last week - white cooking wine (which was on sale and came with a coupon), cooking spray, pumpkin, grapefruit, skim milk, cranberries, powdered sugar, canned chicken. Bought more lights (red and green) after the string I bought last year proved to not be enough for the tree.

My schedule for this week isn't too bad. Monday and Wednesday off, Monday for Amanda's visit. On one hand, there are a few mildly early days, but nothing later than 7, and a much-needed late Sunday. On the other hand...the hours still aren't increasing. While we are between holidays (and the Eagles played Thursday), we're also coming up on the beginning of the month. We're going to need the help, especially if the rain we may be getting tomorrow afternoon really does bring those cooler temperatures.

Finished out a couple of episodes of The Backyardigans while putting everything away and getting organized. "The Action Elves Save Christmas Eve" give us Pablo, Tasha, and Uniqua as superheroic elves with special tiny hammers that can make anything. Their mission - get Santa's sack back from the Abominable Brothers (Tyrone and Austin) before Santa goes on his big ride. "Pablor and the Acorns" has Pablo as an evil galactic overlord who learns a lesson in friendship and helping others from a trio of Boy/Girl Scout-type "Acorns" (Austin, Tyrone, and Tasha) when he arrives on Earth to search for the Crystal of Power! The kids head further into space for "The Big Dipper Diner." Confusion is on the menu and Pablo and Uniqua's intergalactic greasy spoon when cops Tasha and Tyrone mistake their sweetest customer for the galaxy's nastiest criminal.

Switched to Christmas records by Andy Williams, Bing Crosby, and Perry Como as I dusted the living area. I only really dust under everything two times a year, in June before Lauren visits and in December before Christmas. I have so many records and books and whatnot, they take forever to move around. (And that's when I'm not reading them.) It took so long, I decided to do my bedroom tomorrow night or Sunday.

Moved to working on Babes In WENNLand next. Pruitt and Scott show up, arguing over Pruitt's declaration that there will be no Christmas at the station. The kids cry foul, and Scott, Betty, and Gertie aren't much happier. Pruitt is condescending to the kids and obnoxious to Scott, asking him just how he got his job with his lack of credentials. Gertie takes the kids to the Green Room before Scott can use language they probably don't need to be hearing at their ages.

(And actually, one of the questions I've always had about this show is just how Pruitt found out so much about Scott and the "memorial" when he was in Boston for the rest of the second season. Maybe he hired outside help to ferret out just what Scott was up to? He couldn't have been happy about Scott's part in humiliating him during the Christmas episode.)

Threw together most of the leftovers in my fridge to make Chicken-Tomato-Broccoli Soup for dinner while watching Sailor Moon: Hearts In Ice. Usagi's cat Luna is rescued by a handsome, though frail, scientist with whom she falls deeply in love. As she tries to find the cure for his affliction, the Sailor Guardians battle a group of snow creatures who have come to Earth to freeze the planet.

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