Friday, November 13, 2015

Scares and Surprises On Friday the 13th

I awoke to a beautiful, sunny fall day. I ate breakfast while finishing out Broadway. Moved to Scooby Doo in honor of Friday the 13th while making Apple-Cranberry Crisp. "A Nutcracker Scoob" is the first of three Christmas episodes this franchise has done. This one is from the early 80's show with Shaggy, Scooby, Scrappy, and Daphne. Fred joins in the fun as the gang helps an orphanage prepare for their holiday pageant. Things get scary when a miser first tries to get the kids out of the orphanage...then the pageant is attacked by a Christmas ghost!

It was gorgeous and sunny but very windy when I headed to work. Work was pretty much the same as it has been - crazy during rush hours, quiet-to-steady otherwise. There were a few WIC checks that took forever and a couple of people who wouldn't bag. Otherwise, the night passed quickly.

My schedule is pretty much the same as last week. Once again, I have Wednesday and Thursday off, and almost the same amount of hours - not enough. I don't know why they have it in their heads that they can cut hours during the holiday season. They did this last November before Thanksgiving, too...with the same results. We didn't have enough help during peak hours and ended up with cranky customers.

I didn't have much grocery shopping to do. I mainly needed meat. Good thing the Acme's having a 50% off sale on all chicken. I bought drumsticks and boneless chicken thighs, with lobster cakes for dinner. I bought Light Cool Whip on sale for my apple-cranberry crisp. Restocked canned pumpkin, brown sugar, peanut butter, cocoa, skim milk, and frozen green beans.

I'd been planning on calling Rose when I got home about Thanksgiving...and I heard from her almost as soon as I walked in the door. Tomorrow's Jodie's birthday, and they were having cupcakes for her. Did I want to join the family? Sure, why not? They'd be starting at 6:30.

That gave me the time to make lobster cakes and sauteed spinach with mushrooms in lemon sauce for dinner. Ran March of the Toy Soldiers while I ate. Laurel and Hardy headline this cute version of Babes In Toyland as Stannie Dee and Ollie Dum, two toy shop workers who live with The Old Woman In the Shoe. Evil Barnaby wants to take her daughter Little Bo Peep as his bride, but she prefers handsome young Tom Piper. Barnaby tries to use his hold on the shoe to force Bo Peep to marry him. Stan and Ollie do what they can to help the lovers, then rescue them later with help from the huge toy soldiers Stan accidentally made.

When I made it to Dad's, Rose, Khai, and several neighbors were already there. The cupcakes came from Desserts By Design, and they were every variety they had, from Cookies and Cream to Salted Caramel. They ordered pizza, too. Khai was chasing and screaming with three of the other neighborhood kids, two girls close to his age and a somewhat older boy.

And Jodie gave me a rather big surprise. She and Dad are going to get married next Saturday! Well, it'll just be a short ceremony either in the house or out by the river. They've lived together for over a decade anyway. Dad claims it's more of a business proposition - something about medical insurance. I figure they might as well just make it formal. I don't think I'll be able to go to the actual ceremony, but I'll try to drop by either before or after work with some kind of a small gift, even just food. (I wish they'd start announcing important events more than a week before they happen. Some of us need to ask for days off two weeks or more ahead of schedule.)

Oh, and it sounds like Rose and her boys and I are going to do the same thing we've done for Thanksgiving the last three years - head down to Mom and Dad-Bill's house around 10 and stay there overnight. Fine by me. I already asked for the time off. Rose said she also texted our brother Keefe, who is in the Navy and hasn't contacted anyone of late, about coming down for dinner. The last anyone heard, he was in Norfolk. This may be the last chance he has to get leave before he ships overseas.

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