Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Vote For Anyone

Started a sunny, unusually warm Election Day morning with breakfast and cartoons. Tiny Toon Adventures spoofed the classic Orson Welles movie Citizen Kane in its first season with "Citizen Max." Buster and Montana Max compete for Acme Looniversity's student body president. Monty plays dirty to get Buster expelled. Plucky and Babs help him get even. Meanwhile, reporter Hampton explores Monty's past and tried to figure out why he yelled "Acme."

Richie Cunningham votes with his libido in the second season Happy Days episode "The Not-Making of the President." He campaigns for 1954 Democratic candidate Adelai Stevenson to impress a pretty girl who is obsessed with politics. His father is incensed. He's a staunch Republican and is voting for Eisenhower. To make things worse, Richie has to make a speech promoting Stevenson at a young voter's rally at Arnold's.

I made Cranberry-Chocolate Chip Muffins while the show was on. Used Alton Brown's Old School Muffins recipe. It requires yogurt - I'm out of buttermilk and low on milk. Only had one egg, so I just used that. Yum! It came out amazing, soft and sweet and chewy.

Did a few cartoons while I cleaned up from baking. "Popeye For President" have Popeye and Bluto campaigning to get in the White House. Olive is the last person who needs to get to the polls, but she can't vote until she finishes her chores. Popeye helps her out, but Bluto may get her there first.

The vote is in. Betty Boop's Grampy is "The Candid Candidate," and he's now the town mayor. The people of the town have myriad problems for him to solve. He uses his many inventions to try to help them out.

Worked on my fanfic for an hour or so. The Buttery Inn is going up in flames! "The Leader," the head of the Rebel Society, transforms into a demon the moment he's near the light from the fire, but to Betty's shock. He delays the Shadow Realm knights and turns Holstrom over to Victor (in Sir Johnathan Arnold mode) to bring to Pruitt while the others escape. Maple leads them to the stable via a secret passage in her workshop. They just manage to get the horses out and hitch Mackie's horse to his cart when the explosions from the Flying Fortress get closer...

Had leftovers for lunch while watching "Monkee Mayor" from the early second season of The Monkees. When a corrupt businessman throws their elderly neighbors out of their home, Mike Nesmith campaigns for mayor to get the current mayor out of office. Though he wants to help, he discovers just how hard it can be to play the political game when the businessman figures out what they're doing and tries to control them.

Finished out with one more animated short before I went to work. Bugs Bunny and Yosemite Sam are the candidates in "Ballot Box Bunny." They try every dirty trick they can think of to push themselves ahead in the polls. The race has a surprising conclusion, though...

Work was quiet when I came in and quiet when I left. It was busy only during rush hour...but a lot of the customers we had during rush hour were a pain and a half. Maybe their candidates lost. There were a lot of people who were grouchy or rude or just wouldn't help bag. Some of the managers were a bit rude, too. I was so happy when a college kid came in so I could get out on time.

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