Friday, November 06, 2015

Hot Time In the Fall

Began a cloudy, ridiculously warm, windy, and humid morning with oatmeal for breakfast and A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving. Peppermint Patty invites herself, Franklin, and Marcie over to Charlie Brown's house for Thanksgiving dinner. There's one small problem there. Chuck's family is planning to eat at his grandma's house. Linus suggests he make a smaller meal beforehand to appease the others. His dinner of toast, jelly beans, and popcorn isn't exactly appreciated by Peppermint Patty, until Linus and Marcie remind their friends of the real reason for the holiday.

Continued on to The Mayflower Voyagers while using the remaining cranberries to make Cranberry Flummery. The Peanuts play the Pilgrim children and animals who traveled to the New World with their parents, seeking religious freedom. The Pilgrims suffer through a long, perilous journey and a bitter cold winter that results in much death, until the friendly Indians Squanto and Massasoit and their people lend them a hand. To thank them, and celebrate their first harvest, the Pilgrims invite the Indians for a party, the very first Thanksgiving.

Headed off to the Acme around 11;30. Since I worked late, I wanted to get my grocery shopping in now. The biggest thing I needed was meat. The ground chicken wasn't on a great sale, but I needed it. Found two crab cakes and a Swai fillet with manager's coupons. Needed to restock a lot of things - vanilla extract (McCormick's smaller size was on a good sale), canned chicken, grapefruit, buttermilk (got the last one on the shelf), I Can't Believe It's Not Butter, tissues, soup (got Campbell's Homestyle Italian Wedding Soup for $1.50), and jam. Decided to try the Open Nature Gelato Cafe Latte. It was $2.99, and I had a coupon for 50 cents off any Open Nature product. Was totally out of cereal; fortunatly, Quaker cereals were $1.77. I grabbed Cinnamon Life.

When I got back home, I put everything away, then had leftovers for lunch. Did one more spooky episode of Tiny Toon Adventures while I ate. It's a "Hare Raising Night" when Bugs recruits Buster to rescue helpless animals from a mad scientist. Buster lies to Babs, Hampton, and Plucky and tells them he's taking them to the Emmys to get them to help out. While Babs fends off a love-crazed monster, Plucky keeps insisting he's going to win an award, and Hampton just wants to know where the buffet is.

Spent the rest of the afternoon avoiding the heat and humidity and working on my story. Betty wakes up in the cart the next day with absolutely no idea of what happened after she passed out or where they are. Eugenia, Mr. Foley, and C.J explain that they're on the road to Port Harbor. The lakeside city has a summer festival every year that holds competitions for the best plays. Mackie and Maple persuade Betty to write a play to win the contest and get enough money to continue their journeys.

I got off with just enough time to change, pack up my dinner, and head to work. Work was actually pretty quiet for a lot of the night. It did get steady during rush hour. Otherwise, it wasn't that bad. I was able to shut down at the end of my shift with no relief and no need for one.

Oh, and I did get my schedule. A few more hours, though still not as many as I normally have. I'm not overly happy with a relatively early day on Sunday. Otherwise, pretty much the same as last week, including the same days off (Wednesday for counseling).

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