Friday, August 25, 2017

Come Walk By Night, Come Fly By Day

Began a sunny, cool morning with breakfast and some first season Sailor Moon. Ami finally owns up to her feelings for Ryu (the psychic they rescued in an earlier episode) in "I Won't Run Away From Love Anymore: Ami Vs Mamoru." She once again saves him when he's targeted by the Dark Kingdom and a brainwashed Tuxedo Mask.

It's finally cool enough for me to bake. Made some very tasty and sweet Blueberry Crumble Bars after breakfast. We find out why poor Minako has problems with cops and boys in "Sailor Venus' Past: Minako's Tragic Love." While the other Guardians search for the entrance to the Dark Kingdom, she encounters an old friend of hers, a policewoman who has been turned into a monster by Kunzite. This triggers memories of how the woman had been her best friend in England and ended up falling for the boy they both loved.

Worked on writing for the rest of the morning and early afternoon. Luke spends the rest of the week at Yoda's house. They read the paper together over breakfast every morning...which is how he learns that the Imperial Gang member who lead the invasion of the block party turned up dead, a victim of Vader's high standards and notorious temper.

Luke doing better with his surfing, despite Yoda's strict teaching and tough demands. He's not happy when Luke's board goes out from under him and he loses it in the surf. Yoda uses his own moves to retrieve it. Luke can't believe it. Yoda just tells him he needs to have a little faith.

Broke around 1 for a quick bike run to WaWa. I needed to use the ATM machine anyway, so I picked up a sandwich. Besides, I'd been sitting for hours. My legs were cramping. They were still busy with the last of the lunch crowd at that point. I got my money, got my roast beef and provolone hoagie, and went home.

Continued with the fourth of season of Moonlighting as I ate lunch and got ready for work. I wasn't up for anything heavy, so I skipped ahead a bit to "Here's Living With You, Kid." Burt is ready to move in with Agnes, but she isn't sure. Sleep-deprived from a long stakeout, Burt dreams them into The Sheik and Casablanca. She rejects him in both...but ultimately changes her mind in real-life.

Other than getting stuck in the register for a little while when I arrived, work was totally painless. In fact, it was really boring, especially early-on. I gathered carts and baskets, did what little trash and returns there were, and bagged.

Hurried home as soon as I let out. The moment I got in, I changed and went right back out. Today was the third Oaklyn Final Friday Festival of the season. While it was cloudy, it was also cool, probably in the upper 70's, breezy, and dry. It was a great night for friends to enjoy a drink at Tonewood Brewery, or for families to take their children out for pizza and sandwiches.

I just bought a Cotton Candy Yum Yum at Phillies Yummies. All the food trucks are way beyond my budget. Chatted with a customer and an employee from the Acme while threading my way through the massive, elbow-to-elbow crowds. It was all food trucks this time, except for one jewelry seller, one soap seller, the lady with the chickens, and Studio LuLoo, who had the kids scribbling on a banner and making chalk drawings.

Finally finished out Moonlighting as I went online. Maddie's feeling the "Tracks of My Tears" as she takes the train back to LA. She's so confused, she's having nightmares about a too-perfect version of David (Pat Boone) marrying her because of the baby. She takes a fellow named Walter Bishop (Dennis Dugan) into her confidence. David is understandably angry about her taking off when she finally gets in, but he's really shocked when Maddie reveals that she and Walter got married on the spur of the moment in Las Vegas.

The season ends up on a fairly high note with "And the Flesh Was Made Word." David tries to start over with Maddie after she and Walter have their marriage annulled. He's hoping that a case involving a man who wants to find the woman his partner is obsessed with will help. And meanwhile, we learn part of the cause for this on-and-off season when Maddie and David finish the show with an impromptu dance number due to the then-real-life writer's strike.

And...yeah. Real-life took more of a toll on this show than anything its leads did in bed. "Trip to the Moon" was fun and "Flesh Was Made Word" wasn't bad, and there were isolated moments and spots, but most of this season was dull, all talk and no action.

Many fans consider the fifth season to be the series' worst, due to various attempts at new love interests and the hasty finale. I disagree. Even if the whole deal with Cousin Annie got annoying, at least they were solving mysteries and having fun. Frankly, the emphasis on romantic melodrama in the fourth season, especially in the early episodes, really bogged everything down. When some of the best moments of the season don't involve the leads at all and your leads are so busy, they can't even act together, you have a problem.

I recommend the Seasons One and Two and Season Three set for anyone who's interested in the cast or a unique romantic dramady. Seasons Four and Five are strictly for fans. They're all currently out of print; check eBay or see if you can find the episodes online.

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