Thursday, August 31, 2017

Summertime, and the Livin's Easy

Began a gorgeous late-summer morning with breakfast and Garfield In the Rough. Garfield would rather be anywhere but on a camping trip with Jon and Odie. He's not the outdoors kind of cat. He's even more worried when it's discovered there's a black panther loose in the area, and they may be its next meal!

Worked on my story for the rest of the morning and early afternoon. Hank and Leia dance together to the latest tunes in the club while Lance is supposedly working in his office. Charlie and Chip show up, trying to tell the duo exactly what Lance has in mind...but they never get a chance. Lance takes them all upstairs to the VIP Lounge...where Vader and Bobby Fett await them. Hank tries to punch Vader out, but he ends up getting knocked into a wall instead. Needless to say, neither Hank nor Leia are happy to see Vader or thrilled with Lance's betrayal. Chip just gives them an "I told you so."

Meanwhile, Luke and Arturro are on their way to Bespin Island, having gone back briefly to Yoda's for directions. They're both extremely worried about their friends and intend to rescue them on their own, despite Ben's warning.

Broke around 1:30 for lunch. Did a few Danger Mouse shorts from the fifth and sixth seasons while I ate. It's "Remote Controlled Chaos" when Baron Greenback creates a machine that can control DM's car. In "Hear, Hear" Greenback manages to rig every audio-playing device in the world to hypnotize those who hear his voice. Lucky for DM, Penfold is having hearing problems and can't be hypnotized.

Next stop was the Haddon Township Library for this week's volunteering session. Not a whole lot going on there. Not only was it too nice of a day for people to be in libraries, but a lot of folks may have gone on their last vacation before school starts this week. Shelved new releases, audio books, and CDs and sorted through the adult DVD titles to make sure no TV shows and foreign movies got mixed in. Took out The Jewel of the Nile (which I have seen, but not in years), The Matrix Reloaded, and last year's remake of The Magnificent Seven.

Took the long way home across a bright and brilliant Newton Lake Park. I'm surprised it wasn't busier by late afternoon. The weather was just stunning, upper 70's and breezy as can be. Had a nice little nature hike as I pushed my bike up the hill, past the sunflower bed. Spotted a mother turkey and her babies as I came up the hill. They waddled off before I even had the chance to make Thanksgiving jokes.

Next stop was Dad and Jodie's to say "hi" and (finally) drop off Dad's birthday card. (It was a month ago Monday.) Neither of them were home. I guess they went out for a ride to enjoy the weather after Jodie got in from work. I left the card in the doorway and headed out, stopping briefly for a Deb's Spicy-Sweet Iced Tea at the Common Grounds Coffee Shop on my way home.

Jumped right into the bath when I got in. I'm glad I've been taking more time for baths lately. It felt great, just listening to my Gershwin jazz CD and looking over Christmas craft/cook books for gift ideas.

Put on American Graffiti while throwing together an Italian Casserole from ground turkey, canned tomato sauce, red onion, green pepper, mushrooms, and the last of the pasta for dinner, along with sliced cucumber and tomato. The last night of summer 1962 proves to be memorable for four young men hanging out on the local strip. Curt (Richard Dreyfuss) is trying to decide whether to go to college or not. He ends up spending the night searching for a beautiful blond (Suzanne Summers) he saw in a car. Former class president Steve (Ron Howard) is looking forward to college...until he realizes he's not yet ready to leave his steady girl Laurie (Cindy Williams) behind. The slightly older John (Paul LeMat), the local hotshot greaser, finds himself dealing with a smart mouthed teen girl who was dumped on him for the night (MacKenzie Phillips) and with arrogant newcomer Bob Alfalfa (Harrison Ford). Their younger geek buddy Terry (Charles Martin Smith) ends up with a statuesque blond (Candy Clark), but loses the car he got her in.

George Lucas' first major hit kicked the 50's-60's revival into full gear and brought stardom (or adult stardom, in Howard's case) to many of its performers. Along with the meandering script, the other notable thing about this one is the awesome soundtrack of 50's and early 60's rock hits. If you're a fan of classic rock, the cast, or other plotless late 20th century-set ensemble films like Pirate Radio and Dazed and Confused, you'll want to do a little cruisin' and check it out, too.

Did Big Business as I went online. Two of the 80's most popular comediennes, Bette Midler and Lilly Tomlin, play two very different sets of "twin" sisters. Sadie Shelton (Midler) is the tough-minded and obnoxious CEO of a major company. Her sister Rose (Tomlin) is shy and loathes her life in New York, but doesn't know how to explain it to her city-loving sibling. Sadie plans to unload a small backwoods furniture factory to an Italian conglomerate...which doesn't sit well with its employees at all, especially strong-willed and suspicious Rose Ratcliffe (Tomlin). Her twin Sadie (Midler) is hardly shy, but she hates the country as much as Rose Shelton despises city living. The country siblings hit the Big Apple to keep the big company from destroying their way of life, causing confusion for everyone around them when they end up in the same hotel as the city sisters.

I've always liked this one. Midler in particular is nice as sophistication-starved Sadie Ratcliffe. If you're a fan of the actresses or farce, this is worth digging up at lease once.

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