Monday, August 07, 2017

Wet Cold New Jersey Summer

I awoke to a gloomy downpour that would continue on and off for most of the day. Brightened the gloom with the next Happy Days disc. "They Call It Potsie Love" when Potsie practices his performance of "Put Your Head On My Shoulder" on Joanie, and she becomes infatuated with him. Taking Fonzie's advice, she writes him notes, insisting she's his "secret love." He's thrilled when this mystery girl wants to meet him...but not as much when he discovers who she is.

Ralph has less luck with the ladies in "Tell It to the Marines." He's shot down by a girl who isn't amused by his jokes and antics. Hoping to become more macho, he claims he's going to join the Marines. Richie and Potsie drag Fonzie from his Christmas photo shoot to talk him out of it.

Spent the rest of the morning writing and doing research online. The residents of the Cottages brainstorm ideas for earning money. Along with a yard sale, Luke comes up with a fair and dancing on the beach, music provided by mysterious local DJ Fulcrum.

There was no way around it. The showers showed no signs of abating by quarter of 1. I learned my lesson last Wednesday about taking the bike to work in bad weather. Called Dad for a ride this time. Thankfully, he was at home. He claimed he'd had no plans for today anyway and would be glad to bring me there.

Broke at 1 for lunch and a few more Happy Days episodes. The 50's really show on "Dance Contest." Most husbands probably wouldn't mind their wives joining a dance show today, even if they laughed about it, like Mr. Cunningham did.  Mr. Cunningham doesn't understand why his wife is bored with her chores. She partners with Fonzie when he won't take the dance contest seriously...but her family ends up convinced they're having an affair.

Fonzie becomes "Fonzie the Salesman" after a snooty rich man buys the garage he works for and makes too many changes for his taste. Trouble is, Fonzie can't find any other jobs that suits him. Richie tries to help him sell encyclopedias door-to-door. The women may be attractive, but sucking up to people and pushing merchandise (that has nothing to do with him) are some of the few things Fonzie isn't good at.

Dad picked me up for work at 10 of 2. It was pretty much steady on and off all day. The showers continued, sometimes heavily, through about 4. I did have to help the head bagger with carts when I got in, though the showers had lightened enough by then that my shoes and jacket were the only things that really got wet. By the time I went back out there around 4:30, the rain was gone, and it was just humid, damp, and chilly for this time of year, probably in the mid-60's. When I wasn't outside, I did returns, bagged, gathered baskets, and cleaned up the puddles of water left by dripping customers.

Dad picked me up slightly after 6. After I took out the recycling and changed into regular clothes, I had leftovers for dinner while finishing out the Happy Days disc. The Bears-Lions game is coming, and Richie, Potsie, and Ralph have no money for tickets. Ralph comes up with a babysitting service to earn money, but the little boy Laverne and Shirley leave in their charge proves to be too much to least until Fonzie and his cousin Spike arrive on the scene.

The girls also appear in "Fonzie the Superstar." Fonzie takes over for Potsie to sing at the Saturday Dance at Arnold's, to the delight of every female in Milwaukee. Unfortunately, he gets hit with a rather nasty case of stage fright right before he's scheduled to appear. Richie has to remind him that the show must go on. Laverne and Shirley are his back-up singers.

Played a little Lego Star Wars: Clone Wars around 7. "Lair of Grievous" was only slightly more complicated than some of the previous rounds. Still no minikit pieces, but I did get a pile of studs.

Finished out "Fonzie the Superstar," then switched to Snow White and the Three Stooges as I went online. This musical adaptation of the famous fairy tale features the Stooges as the "dwarfs" to Snow White (Olympic figure skating gold medalist Carol Heiss) when she takes refuge in their cottage. Their adopted son Quatro falls for her, but she's engaged to the missing Prince Charming. Meanwhile, her jealous stepmother the evil queen and her assistant are determined to find her and eliminate her, no matter what the cost. Then they learn that the Prince may still be alive, and things really get interesting. Charming fantasy music is fun for fans of the later-day Stooges or Technicolor whimsy.

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