Monday, August 14, 2017

In the Mysterious Fathoms Below

Began a cloudy morning with breakfast. After I ate, I moved on to cleaning the kitchen. It really needed it. I put it off way too long. The counters and sink were especially grungy. There's cobwebs all over the place, too. All the weird weather we've had this summer must have driven the spiders inside.

Ran more Laverne & Shirley third season episodes as I worked. "The Mortician" is Laverne's newest date. She lies and says Shirley is dying to get further along with him. He figures out the truth when she overdoes it.

"The Slow Child" is Mrs. Babish's daughter Amy, who is autistic. Her mother's letting her help the girls get ready for their St. Patrick's Day party. She really hits it off with the equally slow Lenny, who takes her out on her first date...which sends the others all over looking for them.. He actually attacks his best friend when Squiggy calls the girl retarded. It takes a lot of talking to her mother and to Lenny to point out that Amy is really a sweet girl who needs her mother to start treating her like an adult.

Laverne and Shirley are excited to be in charge of "The Second (Almost) Annual Shotz Talent Show." Their excitement fades when the boss says he wants them to find a place for his son Max. The show seems to be the only thing that interests him. Problem is, Max seemingly has no talents. Even Lenny and Squiggy can't figure out what to do with him. The girls have to confront their boss to find out where Max's talents really lay.

The phone rang just as I was starting to clean up the kitchen. It was Mrs. Stahl. Turns out she had a family emergency and rescheduled our appointment again. Hopefully, I'll actually make it to Haddonfield on September 5th.

Had a far easier time today than I did yesterday. Having late morning-early afternoon work this time probably helped. I mostly gathered carts and baskets, shelved items, and mopped the bathroom floors. Wasn't too happy to get stuck in the register twice, including for someone going on break...when I should have been going on break myself.

Spent the rest of a gloomy, humid day at home writing. In a riff on the scene between Wolfman Jack and Richard Dreyfuss in another George Lucas film, American Graffiti, Luke comes to WMBZ in Atlantic City to ask Ahsoka "Fulcrum" Tano if she'll perform at the block party. Not only does she agree to it, but she lets a delighted Luke announce it on the air.

Finished out the third Laverne & Shirley disc while eating leftovers for dinner. Shirley's cousin is "The Dentist," whom she wants to fix Laverne's broken tooth. Her cousin isn't a very good dentist, having failed dental school five times, but she convinces Laverne to go to him anyway and help him finally pass. If he can find her tooth after they've inhaled too much laughing gas...

The girls are stranded at a "Bus Stop" when two medical students leave them high and dry after they won't go out for drinks with them. Shirley desperately tries to get money to sleep anywhere else, then mourns her lost dream of marrying a doctor. Laverne's fine with sleeping on a bench.

Took a shower, then put on Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest while going online. Captain Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp) is in a bit of a bind. He once bartered for the Black Pearl with Davy Jones (Bill Nighy), who is also holding Will Parker's (Orlando Bloom) father Bootstrap Bill Turner (Stellan Skarsgard) as part of his crew. Jack and his crew are on an island filled with cannibals, where Jack is worshiped as a god. Meanwhile, Elizabeth (Keira Knightly) and Will can't marry until they bring Lord Beckett (Tom Hollander) Jack's magic compass. After rescuing Jack and the others, they discover from voodoo priestess Tia Dalma (Naomie Harris) that Davy Jones' only weakness is in his heart, which is kept in Dead Man's Chest on Isla Cruces. Now they have to get the key from Bootstrap Bill and find that chest, or the monstrous creature known as the Kracken may drag them down to Davy Jones' Locker before Jones can!

While not as good as the first one, this does have its charms, including amazing, Oscar-winning special effects and the awesome three-way duel between Jack, Will, and Commodore Norrington (Jack Davenport) for possession of the chest.

I really wouldn't come here until after you've seen Curse of the Black Pearl. This is another series where you need to catch at least a couple of the movies for the plot to make any sense. If you're already a fan, or you really love pirate adventures or the cast, swing on ship and have fun.

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