Thursday, August 10, 2017

Let the Good Times Roll

Started off the morning with breakfast and one of my two Barbara Cook solo albums in honor of her passing the other day. The Disney Album is from the late 80's, which is why it features nothing from the Disney Renaissance era. On the other hand, it does feature a few rarities that don't turn up much anymore, notably the original "Sooner or Later" from the not-often-seen live action-animation hybrid So Dear to My Heart.

Worked on writing for the rest of the morning. Hank takes Leia out to Chirrut and Baze's Chinese restaurant. They get an update on Cassian Andor's condition from Bodhi Rook, a sweet Arabic youth who works as a waiter there. Though he doesn't live at the Cottages, he does agree to help Leia with her case against Empire Industries. He and Kris Taylor, a friend of Chip and Arturro, once worked for them..until they quit over their unethical business practices and their dislike of the new resort project and what it would do to the town.

Everything is going well until Hank happens to look out the window and see a familiar figure..that of Bobby Fett, the bounty hunter who is working with Empire Industries and is after him. He tells Bodhi to make their meal to go and drags Leia out as quickly as he can through the back door.

Had time for some Laverne & Shirley during lunch. "Laverne's Arranged Marriage" is to a wealthy mozzarella manufacturer who doesn't interest Laverne at all. She tells her dad she doesn't want to go through with it. Shirley has to get them talking again when he gets upset.

Work was pretty much the same as yesterday. I did round up baskets and trash and did a little baggging, but I was mainly outside. It was still fairly nice, much warmer, but still dry. Grabbed peanut butter and cake mix on the way out while they were still on good sales.

Did another episode of Laverne & Shirley while eating leftovers for dinner. "Laverne & Shirley Meet Fabian" is what it says on the title. After they fail to get tickets to see Shirley's idol in concert, they lie to snobby Rosie Greenbaum and insist that they can see him in person. They dress as maids to try to get into his hotel room, but almost end up falling off a ledge when they end up hiding outside.

Hit the bath after dinner. Ahhh. I so badly needed that. It was nice to just lay back with Big Magic, a book on exciting creativity, relax, and let my poor sore legs soak.

Finished out the night online while watching Everybody Wants Some!!! Jake (Blake Jenner) has moved in with the rest of his baseball team in a college in Texas in 1980. The guys are all looking forward to their last weekend before school starts. Even after the coach says "no girls upstairs" and "no liquor," they manage to set up a place to meet girls downstairs and sneak liquor in anyway. They get kicked out of the disco they were hanging out in when one of the guys (Justin Street) starts a fight. They eventually end up at a country-western bar, then try out a punk rock club. While the other guys are all chasing women, Jake is making a meaningful connection with the sweet and adorable drama student Beverly (Zoey Deutch).

Not great, not horrible. Sweet story of guys just having fun before school starts. Heavy swearing, some sex, and that fight in the disco make this one for older teenagers on up. If you enjoyed director Richard Linklatter's other excursion into late 20th century nostalgia Dazed and Confused, or similar ensemble films like Pirate Radio, you may want to give this one a try as well.

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