Thursday, August 17, 2017

Summer Madness

Had early work first thing this morning for the first time in weeks. While I did do the carts when I first came in, I mostly shelved items. I might have finished this if one of the managers didn't send me in for cashier so they could go on break (we're very short-handed this week - a lot of people went on vacation), and if they hadn't sent me outside to gather carts ten minutes before I was scheduled to finish. (The carts really didn't need to be rounded up that badly.)

I was very glad to hurry home as soon as I finished. It was relatively cool when I got up this morning, but by 1 PM, it had gotten hot, into the mid-80's and fairly humid. I hid inside for the rest of the day. Had lunch while watching a Backyardigans episode. Having just finished my own cleaning, I thought "What's Bugging You?" was appropriate. Tyrone and Uniqua are bug exterminators. Tasha wants them to catch a wormen (one of the Technicolor worm critters who appear on the show from time to time) and get it out of her house! The house is being inspected by Mr. Spiffy (Pablo) to see if it qualifies for his Spiffy Club. The moose and the pink girl do everything they can to remove that critter.

I tried writing for a little while, but I was too tired. I yawned all through work. Finally gave up and took a nap for an hour or so. Gave it a second shot when I awoke. Leia's upset that both Luke and Hank are leaving her high and dry, especially since she's already had to take time off from school to help with the cottages. Hank tries to calm her down with lunch and a dance at the gazebo, where DJ Ashoka Tano plays Prince and Billy Joel and meets her admirers. Hank's almost ready to take Billy's advice and reveal his feelings to Leia, until he sees a line of familiar black and silver motorcycles on the road that belong to the Imperial Gang...

Broke at 6 for dinner. Made Ratatouille to go with the leftover Salisbury Steak. Watched more Backyardigans while I ate. "Who Goes There?" is a flamenco-fueled riff on the Night at the Museum films. Tyrone is the night watchman at the museum; Uniqua, Austin, and Pablo are the artworks come to life. Tasha is the curator, who once again wants everything neat and tidy the next day, especially in one certain room.

Did some more Lego Star Wars: Clone Wars as I finished the Ratatouille. Did most of the "Weapons Factory" level tonight. The minikit finder was a huge help here. I was able to pick up at least five more pieces and a ton more studs.

Finished the night online with The Money Pit. Walter Fielding (Tom Hanks) is having some major problems. He just inherited a huge load of debt from his father, who scammed his company and left town. He and his girlfriend (Shelley Long) were thrown out of their apartment when her ex-husband Max (Alexander Godunov) comes home and wants it back. They ultimately buy a huge house in the suburbs from an old woman with a sob story (Maureen Stapleton), but it turns out to be a mistake. The place is in a shambles. Nothing works, from the wiring to the chimneys. The man they hire to do the work (Philip Bosco) turns a two-week job into four months. Max is also trying to get his wife back, especially as she keeps selling him their things from the divorce to get more money for the house.

Cute, but nothing special. A tad disappointing for all the talent involved. The script never rises above the level of an average sitcom from the mid-80's. Not bad for fans of Hanks, the cast, or 80's comedies, ok time-waster for anyone else.

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