Friday, August 04, 2017

These Happy Days are Yours and Mine

Began a hot, sunny day with breakfast and the first episode of the Happy Days Season 3 set. "Fonzie Moves In" after Mr. Cunningham has to deal with a competitor and puts up the room over their garage for rent. He's not thrilled with Richie offering it to Fonzie on a whim and does what he can to get him out. (Not that it works. If memory serves me correctly, Fonzie remained there for the rest of the series.)

Spent the rest of the morning writing. Luke chases Vader and his men out to the water on his surfboard. He and Vader promise to meet in a surfing competition at the end of the summer. Vader's impressed when he see how well Luke does on his board...and is even more-so when Bobby Fett, who's driving their motor boat, tells him who the kid really is. One of Vader's men is about to shoot Luke when their boat is in turn shot at by Hank on the Millennium Falcon. They get out quickly after that. Hank and Charlie bring Luke back to shore, where they reunite with a delighted Leia.

Got so into my writing, it was past 12:30 before I headed to the Acme to run errands. Had a fair-sized load this week. Found two packages of swordfish fillets for really cheap. Restocked peaches, cereal (Quaker products were on a really good sale - went with Honey Nut Oatmeal Squares), white and brown sugar, yogurt for baking and for lunch, honey, skim milk, olive oil, and more of that yummy Talenti Gelato on sale. (Banana Chocolate Swirl this time.)

My schedule for next week is...exactly the same as this week. Same hours, same days off. On one hand, more (and maybe earlier) hours would have been nice. On the other hand, I'll get some cleaning and a lot more writing done. 

Did more Happy Days when I got home, got organized, and had part of a container of shrimp salad for lunch. Fonzie's livid when someone runs over "The Motorcycle," his real love, and starts searching the neighborhood for tell-tale tire tracks. The guys try to help him, but Ralph seems awfully nervous about something. 

Fonzie thinks he's losing his cool in "Fearless Fonzerelli." He agrees to jump over 14 garbage cans to break a record for the show You Wanted to See It. Everyone else thinks he's crazy, including the Cunninghams. Arnold (Pat Moriata) just wants to sell chicken.

Headed out around quarter of 3 to run some errands. Made a quick stop at Rite Aid and Dollar Tree (after dropping the rent at Richard and Willa's house). Bought cards for Dad-Bruce and Skylar's birthdays (which were last week and this week respectively) at the latter. At least it was easy to cross Cuthbert, which was blocked off. They just laid a spanking new blacktop down.

Next was a late volunteering session at the Haddon Township Library. Considering they were closing in about an hour and a half when I got in, they were really busy. I shelved audio books, CDs, and new releases and organized the DVDs, returning a few foreign films to the correct rack. Just took out Everybody Wants Some! (an ensemble comedy set in 1980) and The Searchers with John Wayne. 

The reason I went to Rite Aid earlier was for pads. I didn't like the prices there or at CVS. I finally bought them from the Westmont Acme. Also grabbed a shortbread cookie for a snack and the Acme's generic sparkling lemonade there. It was hot, humid, and sunny, in the mid-90's, and I was sweating bullets after all the riding around.

Finished out the first Happy Days disc while eating leftover chicken breasts with honey-glazed carrots for dinner. The second half of "Fearless Fonzerelli" has Fonzie getting surgery for torn cartilage in his knee. (I can relate, Fonz.) He rests at the Cunninghams' house...for too long, because hobbling and screaming in pain definitely doesn't look cool.

Potsie is "The Other Richie Cunningham" when Mr. Cunningham wants his son to take the daughter of a man who may work with him on a date, but Richie's busy. Turns out the girl is cute and Richie's jealous...until the fake Richie pushes her too far and gets both guys into trouble.

"Richie Fights Back" after being bullied by a local gang, but even Joanie is better at martial arts than he is. Fonzie tries to show him ways to scare the gang off without fighting. 

Moved on to another Bing Crosby musical from my other set after a shower, We're Not Dressing. Bing's Stephan, a sailor working on a yacht populated by snooty heiress Doris (Carole Lombard), her princely suitors (Jay Henry and Ray Milland), her best friend Edith (Ethel Merman), and her drunk Uncle Hubert. When they're all stranded on a tropical island, the entire group has no idea of how to cook or fend for themselves...except for Stephan, who ends up cooking for the entire crew. When Doris encounters two kooky scientists (George Burns and Gracie Allen), she borrows their tools and "floats" them along Stephan. He's thrilled to be able to build a house...but isn't as happy when rescue ships appear and he discovers her deception.

Fairly bizarre musical with another decent score, including "Love Thy Neighbor" and "Good Night, Lovely Little Lady." 

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