Saturday, December 07, 2019

Ponies and Tigers and Holiday Celebrations

Awoke this morning to the sounds of Charlie cursing while raking leaves under a bright blue sky. Drowned him out with breakfast and Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood. "Snowflake Day" is their big winter holiday. Daniel is thrilled to be able to take part in the big play at the Enchanted Garden, but first he gets stage fright, and then the spotlights go out. Everyone works together to help him remember his lines and give the kids enough light to finish their show.

"Thank You, Grandpere!" brings Daniel's beloved grandfather over for a visit. Daniel wishes he could stay longer and play, but he has to go work on his boat...but he does find a way to join them for the Thank You Day Picnic in the Enchanted Garden. Everyone decorates a tree with cards thanking the people in their lives during "Neighborhood Thank You Day." Daniel can't decide who to draw a card for, until Mr. McFeely rescues the cards when the wind scatters them.

Charlie had moved on to raking the dog's front yard enclosure by the time the cartoons finished, allowing me to head out...but I briefly went right back in. A package from my friend Linda Young was perched on top of the mailbox. I pulled out three Christmas presents for me and put them in the back room. I'll open them under the tree on Christmas Day.

Made it to the Oaklyn Library around 11:30. I'm not the only one who's been decorating for the holidays this week. The library is now ready for Christmas too, with a big tree tapestry hanging in the lounge area and stuffed bears in holly-print outfits on the shelves. Organized DVDs in the adult area and shelves loose children's books before moving on.

Peace and quiet still reigned supreme at the Acme when I arrived. I didn't need a lot, but there were a few expensive things I grabbed. Got limited-edition Christmas tea from Bigelow and Celestial Seasonings (and forgot to use my coupon for the latter). Had online coupons for chocolate chips, Berks beef hot dogs, and the premium Signature Reserve pint ice cream. Restocked pears, oranges, cranberries, milk, butter, yogurt, ground turkey, cereal (the generic Rice Chex is still on sale), tape, cake mix, and canned pineapple. Bought coloring books and a puzzle you can color for my nieces, with packs of crayons to go with them.

Switched to My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic when I arrived home. The Ponies' "Winter Wrap Up" has everyone cleaning up the last of the snow and waking up the animals on the final day of cold weather. Twilight Sparkle has no idea what group she should join...until she realizes how disorganized the groups are. Applejack and her family inadvertently become "Hearthbreakers" when they join Pinkie Pie and her austere Amish-type family for their Hearth's Warming celebrations. They're not used to how subdued their traditions are and try to teach them theirs, only to break a cherished family heirloom.

Worked on writing for a while after everything was put away. Gene saves the day by distracting the trolls with his magic...but it's still wonky and makes their noses and hair grow, rather than paralyzing them, like he wanted. Three of the more human-like demons help Richard, Brett, and Charles escape down a back alley...demons who closely resemble Sir Dick Gautier and his second lieutenant Sir Robert Walden, as well as one of Richard's men, Orson Bean. Gene, Nipsey, and Bill take off in the carriage in the opposite direction, telling them that they'll meet the others in the Kingdom of Columbia Eye.

Broke for dinner at quarter of 7. Had hot dogs with leftover mashed potatoes and carrots for dinner while watching the third Friendship Is Magic winter holiday special, "A Hearth's Warming Tail." Twilight is shocked when Starlight Glimmer insists that she'll skip the Hearth's Warming festivities this year. The story that Twilight reads to her turns into a Pony version of A Christmas Carol, with Starlight as Scrooge, Rainbow Dash as Bob Cratchit, Applejack as the Ghost of Christmas Past, Pinkie as the Present, and Princess Luna as the Future.

Finished the night with Smallfoot. I go further into this icy story of another unusual friendship in my review on my Musical Dreams Movies blog.


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