Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Blue Christmas

Began the day with Vol 33 of the True Value Happy Holidays series. There's a lot of favorites in this one, including Dolly Pardon's version of "Hard Candy Christmas." I also like John Denver's version of "Jingle Bells," Freddie Jackson's rousing R&B tune "This Christmas," and Willie Nelson's "Away In a Manger."

I did manage to get the carts done in the morning, but when I tried to work on shelving candy a little later, they just kept throwing me in the register. I was almost an hour late for break because I ended up in a register. The floral manager's mother is sick, and someone else had to take her place. I did manage to get a lot of candy shelved later and took a produce test to brush up on my ringing skills. At least a bagger was able to take over the carts and sweeping later. I also shoved a heavy metal rolling cart filled with boxes of plastic and paper bags into our new storage area (what used to be the medical office, which closed earlier this year).

It was a lovely day when I arrived. Dark clouds built up around noon, and by 1 PM, the other bagger had announced it was snowing hard. If it did snow hard, it never stuck. When I headed home, the sun was back out, and the clouds were gone.

Took out the trash, had a snack, and looked over Match Game 101 for a while, then went into writing. Nipsey's cousin Queen Isobel can't be convinced to go against Malade. She's even less convinced that Della is really the Princess of the Peacock Kingdom, either. She doesn't look like a princess or act like a princess. But there is a way to find out...

Broke for what I thought was going to be dinner at quarter of 7. I figured I'd get the Roku TV box set up really quickly. I got as far as hooking it up to the internet...but got no further. I typed my internet password in a hundred times for over two hours and checked every connection, but nothing worked. Put the box closer to the modem and further away, but it did nothing. When I looked it up online, it said to change something on the router. I tried, but that didn't do anything, either. I may just have to call Comcast tomorrow or Friday.

Gave up at quarter of 9 and switched to Moonlighting while finally eating baked breaded fish and the last of the farm market Brussels sprouts for dinner. "Twas the Episode Before Christmas" during the second season, and all through the Blue Moon Agency, Maddie can be heard yelling at Dave about his newest brainstorm, the Santa Hotline. Meanwhile, their secretary Agnes DiPesto found a baby in her laundry basket. Maddie and David search for the child's mother, while solving the death of a man on the witness protection program in Agnes' building and arguing over the idea of one of them ever having children.

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