Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Back In Business

Began a sunny morning with breakfast and Sale of the Century. This was a really early episode, when people still chose which number they hoped to find the cards under on the Fame Game. It was also another close game, but the champ just pulled ahead in the speed round. He opted to return when he discovered the next prize up was a gorgeous white grand piano.

Worked on writing for a while after the show ended. Gene and Bill Cullen are having a hard time holding off the three smaller demons, until Della and Nipsey come in to help. Gene waves his wand at them, trying to remind them that they were once wizards, too. Gene can hear footsteps in the distance...and sees light coming from Televisa City...

Broke for lunch at 11:30. Watched Mickey Mouse: Mixed Up Adventures while quickly downed yogurt and a banana. We see the origins of the "Mixed Up Adventures" moniker in "Mickey's Mixed-Up Motor Labs." Mickey's new mobile motor lab can add anything to their racers at any race. Chip and Dale mess around with it before a big parade...and they end up with wacky racers that can fly or have duck's feet. Mickey has to figure out how to use their new abilities to retrieve the parade balloons. Daisy and Minnie go looking for work in "Wishy Washy Helpers." They compete to see whether mine's old-fashioned elbow grease and soap or Daisy's mechanical hose can get the windows on a skyscraper clean first.

Headed to work as soon as the cartoon ended. I spent all of two seconds in a register when I first arrived. They sent me in for someone leaving, and a lady came back from break shortly after. To my surprise, I spent the rest of the day sweeping, gathering carts, doing returns, and helping a new teen bagger learn how to clean up a spill and gather trash. The head bagger always has Wednesday off, and the bagger with the next-highest seniority is on vacation. Fine by me. It was too nice to be inside all day anyway. I got to enjoy a sunny, warm, slightly more humid day and teach a really nice kid the ropes. He picked up doing the trash and especially cleaning really well, too. I was impressed.

As soon as I got home, I changed and had roasted broccoli and the last of the leftover lasagna for dinner. Watched Match Game as the food baked. While Fannie joked about her apple-and-snake shirt, the others had fun with a contestant named "Krash Kilgore," and Gary did several spot-on imitations of his former teacher (and the man who previously sat in his seat) Charles Nelson Reilly. 

Unlike the last two days, it was all about the champ today on Sale of the Century. The one woman did get pretty close in the second half, but he left everyone in the dust during the Speed Round. He picked up a diamond ring on the match the prizes board.

Took a nice long bath after the show ended. My heart may have been happy to push carts again, but my legs were protesting. I was too sore for a shower. The soaking felt great as I listened to jazz and read a book on finding the female power within you.

Finished the night online with Hart to Hart. "Murder Takes a Bow" when Johnathan and Jennifer discover the body of a playwright hours after he gave Jennifer a copy of his latest creation. When his copy of the new play and Jennifer's go missing, the duo leap into action to find out if there was something in the play that the murderer wanted, or if it was the play itself - and the fame accorded a new, untried playright - they were interested in. 

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