Thursday, September 10, 2020

Before the Clouds Burst

Kicked off a cloudy morning with breakfast and Blockbusters. I came in just as the solo man defeated a sister pair. He had a shaky start on the Gold Rush, missing three questions before finally getting the rest and winning 5,000. They'd just started the next round with a father and daughter when the episode ended.

Match Game-Hollywood Squares ran while I did some things on my phone. Familiar faces on this show included original 70's-80's semi-regular Fannie Flagg, cool older lady Nedra Volz, and wonderfully erudite and sarcastic character actor Leonard Fry. Fry in particular always seemed to have a great time on the show, especially in the Match Game portion - he's another one I wish turned up in the 70's-early 80's version. Nedra got to have fun figuring out whether a gorilla could swim to save her from drowning. (Answer, by the way, is no. Apparently, gorillas can't swim.)

Got my laundry together as Match Game was on. The big, sweet cop with the pregnant wife in the audience beat a goofy young lady with the thickest down-south accent this side of Fannie Flagg. He then went on to win the Head-to-Head with the help of Richard and one of the most famous directors ever in Hollywood, Cecil B. DeMille. He was just taking on another, quieter lady when I headed out.

While it wasn't raining when I left, it was cloudy, hot, and murderously humid. I took the bike to make the trip to the laundromat go faster. Thankfully, neither the laundromat, nor WaWa were that busy when I arrived. I had a big load that needed to go in the washer, including towels. The weather held off long enough for me to enjoy a Banana Cream Smoothie outside on the concrete partition while working on my story notes.

Put my clothes away as soon as I got in, then had lunch and made Banana Spice Muffins. Watched more Charlie's Angels while I worked. In honor of the beginning of football season this Sunday, I ran "Angels In the Backfield" from the second season. The Angels help a young woman who is trying to train her scrappy all-female football team to defeat a more seasoned team at the Colosseum in LA. Two people on motorcycles are harassing her players, trying to scare them into giving up on the game. Sabrina suspects the win-at-all-costs coach of the other team, but Kelly and Kris think there may be more to it than what's on the field.

Switched to Mickey Mouse Mixed-Up Adventures while pulling the muffins out of the oven. The gang uses their vehicles to remodel the local playground in "Hard Hat Diggety Dog!" Pete is worried they'll find his secret stash of childhood toys and tries to keep them from digging. Minnie and Daisy are "Hair-Raising Helpers" when they cater a father-daughter dance. Sweet Pearl McSwine is upset that her dad's late. The girls think of ways to distract her until he arrives.

Returned to Buzzr as I dusted the apartment. Frizzy-haired Mary Allen and his hilarious wife Frenchy were by far the big winners on Tattletales today, over Dr. Joyce Brothers and her psychiatrist husband with the impressive mustache Milton and Don Galloway and his wife Linda. It came down to the ladies on Press Your Luck. Once again, the one guy Whammied out early in the second round after amassing big bucks. One woman won a computer, a fluffy Flokati rug, and a trip, just barely beating the champ at the last second.

Worked on writing after I finished with the dusting. To Gene and Bill Cullen's horror, Malade (Joan Collins) brings out her own elite squadron of smaller demons, formed by former wizards whose energy she drained. They split into groups - Gene and Bill cover the demons, Brett and Charles help Donald (Ross) with the now-mermaid Patti (Deustch), Bobby (Van) and Elaine (Joyce) watch over Queen Betty (White), and everyone else deals with Malade. Gene sends his wife Helen to get more help, which she does reluctantly.

Put on Match Game while having leftovers for dinner. The contestant's answer of "tiger's tail" in response to a question about Tarzan comes back to bite her on the striped rear when the Audience Match question is "Tiger's ___." She has even less luck with Richard in the Head-to-Head Round.

The young father is still rolling along on Sale of the Century. Once again, he bought all three Instant Bargains, won one of the three Fame Games, and still blew everyone away at the speed round. This time, there was no Prize Game necessary. The only prize left was 10,000. He opted to return one more time for a chance at 50,000 and the entire pot.

It finally started raining by the time I finished making Chocolate Banana Whirl (chocolate banana ice milk made in a food processor). Despite it really coming down, some of the local boys continued to play outside, even as I hit the shower.

Finished the night after that shower with She's Working Her Way Through College at the Watch TCM app. I go further into this academic tale with Virginia Mayo as a former stripper attending college professor Ronald Reagan's class at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog.

(For some reason, TCM used to run this one a lot when I actually was in college. I remember using it as background noise a lot from 1999 to 2001.)

Back To School Again - She's Working Her Way Through College

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