Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Rainy Day Woman

Considering how worn out I was last night, I desperately needed to sleep in this morning. It's just as well. I awoke to pouring rain. The rain slowed down by the time I rolled out of bed. Watched Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood while eating breakfast. "Daniel Gets a Shot" when his mother takes him to Doctor Anna's office for a check-up. He's nervous about it, until Mrs. Tiger encourages him to think of something happy. Daniel and O love splashing in puddles on "A Stormy Day," but they don't love the thunder that makes noise and forces them inside. Mrs. Tiger again insists that they think of something they enjoy to distract from the noise.

Tried the new show Mira, Royal Detective on Disney Now as did the dishes and got organized. Disney Junior finally decided to get away from princesses and try something a little more unique here. As you can guess from the title, young Mira is the official detective for Indian queen Shanti, with the help of her goofy mongoose friends Mikku and Chikku. It's up to her to solve smaller cases, like "The Case of the Royal Scarf." Mira's friend Priya is upset that she lost a beautiful scarf she made for the queen. Mira and inventive Prince Neel try to follow the red bag it may have vanished in before figuring out that the answer is closer to home. Mira has to once again help a friend solve "The Case of the Missing Bicycle" when her new vehicle goes missing on a muddy day. The two girls learn how hard responsibility can be when Mira is also tasked with the care of her toddler nephew and has to take him on the case.

Rounded up the laundry as Match Game ran. I've seen the first episode of 1977 before. A sweet young man with the loveliest smile made it to the bonus round, where Richard finally helped him win big bucks in the bonus round. Meanwhile, Joey Bishop would rather spend most of the time being cranky.

Hurried out as soon as the episode ended. I really wanted to get the laundry done before the weather turned bad again. I was in luck. The laundromat was dead when I arrived. I grabbed the washer that took the least time. I was able to buy a Banana Smoothie, fruit, and a pretzel at WaWa for lunch and still dashed back in time to see it on the spin cycle. Worked on story notes while sitting on the concrete barrier, despite a warm and stiflingly humid day. 

Dashed home, put everything away, and went right back out. I really wanted to deposit the check from my inheritance at the bank. I should have waited. Even as I rode to Collingswood, it started to shower lightly. By the time I made it into the bank, we were in the middle of a monsoon. Tried standing under the overhanging part of the bank's roof for 20 minutes, but it just didn't stop.

Made my way as fast as I could a few blocks down to Innergroove Records. I hoped to wait out the rain there and see if I could make a few good finds. My recent windfall allowed me to make a splurge, and I did fish a few decent finds out of the dollar bins as well. I ended up with:

Phantom of the Paradise - Original Soundtrack (Cost me 15 dollars, but since I just bought the movie, I figured I might as well pick up the soundtrack, too.)

Pinocchio - Songs from the Film (probably Disney studio recordings, but it's still the songs.) 

Super Gold Hits (Another 70's collection from my old friends K-Tel.)

Hooked On Classics II

The rain wasn't ending. It just kept on falling hard. I couldn't hang out in there forever. I finally brought my purchases to him around 4:30...and of course, he put them in a paper bag. Collingswood banned plastic, he said. Great. Lovely for the environment, but what about rainy days? Not everyone has a waterproof vinyl bag on them all the time. There was no getting around it. I tried one more time to wait it out under the train tracks, but it continued to pour. I couldn't stay there forever. I ended up riding home in the rain.

Walked in around 5:30, literally soaked to the skin. Everything on me was so wet, it still hasn't dried as of a few hours ago. Changed, quickly left the records out to dry, and went into a short writing session. Brett and Charles convinces Betty to get around being squickish over the slime and just kiss the darn frog already. She does...and he's indeed transformed into her husband Allen, who has a whopping headache and is a little sticky but otherwise fine.

Had leftovers for dinner and made ginger molasses cookies while watching Match Game PM. Dick Martin, Bart Braverman, and lovely redheads Barbara Rhodes and Fannie Flagg joined Charles, Gene, and Brett in this episode from 1979. They tried to decipher the thick Arkansas accent of a sweet teacher with bouncy Shirley Temple curls and helped a young man with "Other Side of ___." 

The woman champ found a formidable opponent in the other woman contestant on Sale of the Century. Once again, they were back and forth all night, even after the champ bought the last Instant Bargain. She finally blew everyone away in the Speed Round and won 3,000 on the match the prizes board.

Finished the night with Strike Up the Band. I go further into the second Mickey Rooney and Judy Garland "let's put on a show" movie at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog.

Strike Up the Band

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