Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Beautiful Day In Fall

Began the morning with breakfast and a couple of Disney shorts in honor of the first day of fall. "Autumn" is one of the early Silly Symphonies, following beavers, crows, and other animals of the field and woods as they prepare for winter. "The Cat's Out" and is chasing birds in the yard...but when he falls, he has a frightening nightmare about the birds, spiders, and trees all growing to twice their size and attacking him.

Donald Duck had two encounters with Chip and Dale set during the fall. "Donald Applecore" wants those two little pests away from his orchards, but the explosives he concocts to get rid of them may do more harm than good. They steal Donald's model boat in "Chips Ahoy," hoping to make it to an island with a tree filled with nuts and restock their own stores for the winter. 

Headed out shortly after "Chips Ahoy" ended. Work was exactly the same as yesterday - steady during rush hour, otherwise dead the entire day. We're in the middle of a month that doesn't normally have much going on after Labor Day, and the weather is just too beautiful for a lot of shopping right now. 

Went straight home when I got in, then back out again after I changed and had a quick snack. I had a few errands to run, starting with a trip to Dollar General. Sugar and peanut butter are cheaper there. Grabbed what I needed as fast as I could and got out.

I didn't linger there because I wanted to get the laundry done. I really don't want to wait for my one day off on Saturday. I'm glad I didn't. They weren't very busy when I arrived at 3:30. It's too nice to do laundry, too. Treated myself to a Pumpkin Spice Cheesecake Smoothie and a pretzel at WaWa while they were in the washer, then worked on story notes on the concrete curb after I dropped them in the dryer. The smoothie was very sweet and creamy, more like eggnog than pumpkin. I enjoyed it while basking in the warm fall sunshine, a fresh wind blowing on my nose.

Took out the trash and put everything away when I got home, then did some writing. Nipsey recites a poem and kisses Della awake, partially restoring her magic. Richard's more skeptical. He's not Fannie's true love. Lee points out that they are her friend...which is why they're able to hug her back to health. (At least until she protests them squishing her.)

Broke for Match Game and scrambled eggs with mushrooms and spinach at 6:30. For some reason, Buzzr skipped almost a whole week - including Charles' last episode of 1974 - moving ahead to Gary Burghoff's introduction as a regular. He was joined by Mike Evans of The Jeffersons, Fannie Flagg, and Joyce Bulifant to try to figure out the answer to "Mack ___." (Hint, Gary, it's not your MASH co-star McLean Stevenson.)

Today's Sale of the Century episode started slow, but ended up almost as exciting as Friday's. This time, the one woman and the champ were neck-and-neck for the whole second half. They both killed in the Speed Round. He won by one question and picked up a reproduction of an antique Italian dining room set on the "match the prizes" board.

Finished the night on the Watch TCM app with Call of the Flesh. I go further into this Latin-set early talkie operetta featuring Mexican star Ramon Novarro at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog.

Call of the Flesh

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