Tuesday, September 01, 2020

In the Cool, Cool, Cool of the Evening

Began a cloudy morning with breakfast and Split Second. The poor young man between the two ladies just couldn't get anything going today. The ladies dominated the entire game; one just got ahead in the Countdown Round. She didn't get the car and said she'd come back and try again. The father-daughter team continued to dominate on Blockbusters, easily winning their first game. The daughter didn't do nearly as well with the Gold Rush round, only getting two answers right. They were just starting against a gentleman when time ran out.

I was about to start writing when I got a phone call from Rose. She was finally ready to sign those papers for the money we inherit from Dad and wanted to know if I could be over by noon. I was over before 11:30.

Her house was surprisingly quiet. Finley was at the sitter's, Craig was on his way to work, and Khai was attached to a video game in his room. Signing the papers wasn't hard, other than I have a hard time remembering my last Social Security numbers. I ended up doing that at home. Jodie's the one who is supposed to send them out anyway. She wasn't home. I delivered the papers to her side of the house, dropping it on the island in the kitchen with a note.

Watched a little Match Game from 1975 while having a quick lunch. The episode ended with a very funny question that joked about Richard Dawson getting married. Gossip hound Rona Barrett named then-wildly-popular actress Raquel Welch, but everyone else said Brett or Charles! Charles must have turned ten shades of red. (Which is amusing as hell if you know the show. I've read Richard and Brett did not get along, and while I don't know how he and Charles felt about each other, Charles was gay and Richard was straight as they get.)

Got to some writing next. Della manages enough strength before the clock finishes striking twelve to get Malade down with Nipsey's help, but the others aren't as lucky. The fairies' clothing is starting to fade, Brett's vines aren't as strong, and Patti can barely walk. Donald knows that Malade has Patti's voice...and he and the others have to figure out how to get it away from her...

I read my schedule wrong. I thought I wasn't due into work until 2:30, but I was actually supposed to be there at 2! I think I got mixed up because I was scheduled until 6:30. I'm annoyed about losing the half-hour, but it's not the worst thing in the universe. While it wasn't busy when I arrived or when I left, we were really crazy during rush hour. It's the beginning of the month, less than a week before Labor Day, and today is our Senior Discount Day. I was very happy to head out the door when the young man who took over my register arrived.

Jodie popped her head out the door when I pulled in. Did I want pizza with Rose and her kids? Sure, why not? Rose, Jodie, and Finley watched Trolls World Tour as I ate my slices of cheese. Khai hid under the kitchen table with his video games. I finally got around to giving him the Garfield Halloween and Christmas comics I unearthed after shelving my holiday book collection.

After Finley and Khai had cups of vanilla soft-serve ice cream with sprinkles from Mr. Softee, I told Finley I'd show her my stuffed animals while Rose talked to Jodie. Finley loved playing with them, especially Luna the Black Cat. Finley has a black kitten named Toothless, and she cuddled and hugged Luna just like she would her own cat. I played with Meowith the big Pokemon cat, and we made them hiss and roll over and lay on the ledge and do cat things.

Rose came over after a while to take Finley out to play with her friend Savannah, who lives on the other side of my apartment. I followed them after I took out my trash. Not only was Savannah out, but so were her older brother Ryan and their parents and big fluffy black dog Onyx. The kids kicked around a blue rubber ball while their parents and grandparents chatted and I laughed at their antics.

It was a gorgeous night for them to be out, too. The clouds remained, but they were beautiful silvery gray, and not at all threatening. A wonderful breeze cooled every off as they ran around and kept the kids from running into the streets.

After it got dark, we retreated to our neighbors' backyard, where they have a trampoline set up for the kids. Yes, it has a net and all the standard safety equipment...but poor Finley was too terrified to do much bouncing. Khai and Ryan had more fun, with Ryan doing some darn good flips. Rose joined in a little later and showed the boys how it's really done with a few flips of her own!

Finished the night at my place with Music in Manhattan on the Watch TCM page. I go further into this 1944 wartime backstage tale at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog.

Music in Manhattan

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