Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Return of the Sunshine

I awoke to a cloudy morning...but by the time I got moving, the clouds were long gone, leaving a beautiful, sunny day. Since Buzzr no longer runs To Tell the Truth at 8 AM, I opted for one of the Match Game episodes on the DVD set I bought last year. 

The chapter of The Matchless Gene Rayburn I just finished involved Richard Dawson's acrimonious departure from the show, so I did an episode that plainly illustrated why Richard left. At the end of episode 1005 of Match Game '77, Gene asks everyone "Dumb Dora is so dumb, she sent her cultured pearls to ___." Ed Asner and Brett say "college." Charles has to fight for his answer, "scuba diving school." Debralee Scott's answer "finishing school" is dinged and buzzed at the same time. Richard also said "finishing school," which is flat-out buzzed. Debralee and Richard got angry at the judge Ira Skutch. They made so much noise they scared poor Patti Deustch, who just barely gave her answer, "night school" (also buzzed). Charles and Brett tried to make a joke about Charles being the "first victim of the 'school riot' after the commercial, but the damage was done. The contestant lost, and the lower tier kept their answers out in protest for the remainder of the episode. 

Thankfully, work wasn't anything close to that crazy. In fact, not only were we dead for most of the day, but there was plenty of help. One bagger was already there when I came in, and another came in later. Plenty of cashiers, too. I rounded up carts, shelved candy and loose items, and swept the floor. No problems whatsoever. 

By 3 PM, the weather was so nice, I took the long way home down Nicholson Road. So did a lot of other people. The traffic was fairly heavy around the entrance to the shopping center. It cleared out once I got past there, and was gone when I hit Oaklyn. I don't blame people for wanting to be out, on cars or bike or foot. The weather was perfect for late September, blue, breezy, and warm but not really humid.

Changed, had a snack, and picked up around the apartment while watching Buzzr. Elaine Joyce and Bobby Van came from behind to be the big winners on Tattletales. They got the last question after missing two of the first three. For the second time in three days, the young man champ on Press Your Luck was the only one to avoid the Whammies and pick up just enough money and prizes to win. 

Worked on writing for a while after the show ended. While Betty tries to revive her husband, Brett attempts to get Charles out of Malade's hands. Gene thinks there's an easier way...because he and Charles can see lights coming from the city beyond the palace marching towards the garden. Lights held by the residents of Nerdocrumbesia, demanding that their king and queen be restored...

Broke for dinner at 6:30. Had leftover lasagna and a fried egg while watching Match Game '74. Everyone made jokes about Fannie's red glasses sweater in the opening. Betty White made her second appearance on the show that week in the audience to cheer on her husband Allen Ludden.

Started Chocolate Chip Muffins made with ricotta cheese while Match Game PM was on. Betty White came in for a lot of ribbing when everyone answered what you'd do if you had the "Betty White flu." She had less luck helping a contestant win 10,000 with "Policeman's ___."

The muffins were in the oven shortly after Sale of the Century began. The woman champ once again dominated the competition. Only the other lady got anywhere near her. She picked up two Instant Bargains, won two of the three Fame Games, and killed at the Speed Round. She ended up winning a loveseat and sofa; she mentioned she was setting up a new apartment and desperately needed furniture.

Finished the night online after the muffins came out. Started with Hart to Hart, which was mentioned in one of the questions on Sale of the Century. "Rhinestone Harts" are all ready to promote their newest discovery, country singer Lorene Tyler (real-life country singer Charly McClain), nicknamed "The Rhinestone Cowgirl" for her glittery outfits. She loans her newest outfit to Jennifer for the big going-away party the Harts hold her before she leaves for her tour...but someone else is after that outfit, too. It would seem that Lorene's husband and manager isn't what he claims to be, and those rhinestones aren't exactly what he claimed they were, either.

The 4077th MASH division have their own problems in the first episode of the second season, "Divided We Stand." General Clayton (Herb Voland) assigns a psychiatrist to follow the members of the 4077th around to see if they're cracking under the strain of the war and should be reassigned. Henry Blake tells them to behave as normal as they can in order to stay together...but this crowd wouldn't know normal if it dropped a bomb on them. It takes the arrival of wounded soldiers to show the psychiatrist what this crowd can really do when they all work as one. 

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