Thursday, October 01, 2020

Cleaning Day at the Riverside

Began a sunny, breezy morning with breakfast and Split Second. The young man with the glasses easily beat both of the women and pushed ahead in the Countdown Round. Despite the car being under four boards, he still couldn't find it and opted to return for one more go. There was a new champ on Blockbusters. A sharp older woman beat a mother-daughter pair, but couldn't do as well on the Gold Rush round.

Headed out after Blockbusters ended to run errands. I got three-fourths of the way to Dollar General before I realized I forgot a mask. Thankfully, Dollar General is only a few blocks away on the White Horse Pike. The walk is less than ten minutes, and the weather was perfect for it, sunny and warm, if a tad humid.

In addition to stocking up on pumpkin and peanut butter, I was finally able to grab some things I needed. A lightbulb blew out in the ceiling light in the living room/kitchen last night. I had a bulb to replace it, but I wanted more in case the other two blew, and bulbs for the lamps in the bedroom, too. Needed underwear badly. I was almost out of pads, and I wanted fresheners for the closets. 

Once I got home, I watched an episode of Match Game while putting everything away. That sweet young man contestant was finally defeated by a young woman with an equally adorable smile and flowers in her hair. Southern belle beauty queen Mary Ann Mobley, grumpy Ed Asner, and kooky Patti Deustch join in for jokes about flies in the soup and the song a guy wrote about his mother-in-law.

Spent the next few hours cleaning the apartment. It doesn't take me long anymore. There isn't that much to the apartment. The counters are new and don't need to be scrubbed much; the stove only needs wiping. I only had to scrub the bathtub, and even that wasn't bad. It doesn't even get as dusty as the old apartment did. There's only two rugs, so not as much vacuuming, either, though I do have to run the Swifter mop over the hardwood floor. 

Listened to the soundtrack from Phantom of the Paradise as I worked to inaugurate my Halloween season. The first track was so depressing, I skipped most of it, but some of the other songs were much better. I especially liked the touching "Faust" and Jessica Harper's audition number "Special to Me Phoenix (The Audition Song)." 

Switched to Hooked on Classics II as I moved on to the kitchen and had lunch, then cleaned the kitchen while watching a spooky episode of Charlie's Angels. "Of Ghosts and Angels" from the fourth season brings Tiffany to a Victorian mansion in the hills, the home of her wealthy friend (Robin Mattson) and her new husband. The young woman thinks something in the house is out to get her. Tiffany has been having terrible nightmares about another woman being killed at a costume party in the house...and if she, Kris, and Kelly don't do something soon, history may repeat itself.

Shirley Feeny is worried about just that happening in "Haunted House" from the second season of Laverne & Shirley. She's desperately afraid that the old house where they've gone to find a cheap couch may be the home of a hairy monster. Laverne's just as certain that a house is a house, and they need furniture, at least until Lenny and Squiggy vanish and they start hearing weird noises. 

Jodie came in while the shows were on. I delivered the rent to her side of the house earlier. She wanted to bring me a package. The first of five outfits I ordered for Ariel and Felicity on eBay had arrived! This one was for Ariel. Our Generation seems to be quietly dropping the "Retro" branding, making most of the outfits hard to find. Too bad. I really liked some of their "retro" outfits, like the 60's-inspired one I picked up for Ariel. The brown plaid skirt, knitted salmon vest, satiny blouse, and loafers look like something Mary Tyler Moore would have worn to work in the earlier seasons of The Mary Tyler Moore Show. She'll wear it next month.

Moved on to Tattletales as I unpacked the outfit and dusted the living room and bedroom. Marty and Frenchy Allen were the come-from-behind winners today, despite missing at least one question early-on. Press Your Luck also featured a come-from-behind winner. That young man champ once again got by on the seat of his pants, and because he was the only one to not get slammed with Whammies. He walked off with a tour of the US, bicycles, and more than 30,000 in cash and prizes.

Worked on writing for a little while after the show ended. Marcia and Prince Bill Daily are thrilled when they're the first to see angry villagers marching over the bridge, singing along with the rest of them. Marcia does her best to direct the typhoon created by Patti and Fannie to the demon, while Bill and the wizards help Debralee flee the imps who chase her.

Broke for dinner a little early at 6. I wanted to make baked chicken with sweet potato fries and sautéed zucchini and tomatoes for dinner. Announcer Gene Wood and Amanda Blake of Gunsmoke joined Gene, the regulars, and sweetly daffy Joyce Bulifant on Match Game for jokes about Richard's new beard and where a clumsy lady sticks a toothpick in a restaurant. The second episode had Gene roll down the stairs on request from a contestant whose child thought it was funny when he did it the first time. A very amusing and busy college student was the big winner on Match Game PM, but he didn't do as well pit against Patti Deustch and her creative answers.

The woman champion continues to roll along on Sale of the Century. The other woman was the only one who got close to her, but no one could get near her in the Speed Round. She picked up one of the Instant Bargains and a trip to the Netherlands on the prize board.

Finished the night with Babes In Arms. I go further into the first Judy Garland-Mickey Rooney "let's put on a show" film at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog. 

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