Friday, October 09, 2020

Looney Tunes and Love Boats

Began my morning with a quick breakfast and Bugs Bunny's Howl-oween Special. Bugs goes head-to-head with Witch Hazel in this collection of bits and pieces of various spooky Looney Tunes shorts. (And unlike the Bugs Easter specials, this one at least features parts of cartoons that are actually set at Halloween and work with the holiday in question.)

Rushed out to work shortly after the special ended. Work wasn't busy when I first arrived. It didn't pick up until around noon, but it stayed busy after that. Customers were a bit of a pain. A few folks were fussy and annoying, and I really didn't know how to handle them. Thankfully, this time it slowed down enough for me to shut down without a relief.

Went straight into grocery shopping after my shift ended. Sugar's on a big sale, and thanks to all the baking I've done this week, I was just about out. The Acme's generic shredded cheese was also on a good sale; picked up a bag of 5-cheese Italian for dinner. Found a Fluttershy My Little Pony for my niece Finley on the clearance rack. Her package is broken and keeps popping open, but I doubt a three-year-old will care. Restocked yogurt, butter, milk, shampoo, spinach, grapes, cooking oil, the "natural" sandwich bars I like, dishwashing liquid, zucchini, mushrooms, and ground turkey.

Mixed feelings on my schedule. On one hand, Tuesday and Friday off, and decent hours most of the week...except Sunday, when I work very early and for 7 hours. I haven't worked that long since the spring. I guess everyone really, really wanted to see the Eagles game.

Went straight home. Put everything away while watching a Match Game episode. Charles took his shoes off to illustrate an answer, to the disgust of his buddy Brett. Towards the end, Gene introduced a camera girl he thought was cute.

Worked on writing after I changed and got organized. While Brett and Jack argue, King Allen announces that he's returned from the dead and lifts all the taxes and unfair rules imposed on the kingdom by Malade. He also catches Ira, now restored to his own human form, trying to sneak out. His men, who aren't too happy about him turning them over to Malade to be transformed into trolls, block his way. Marcia reminds him about how he hit on her in the Summerlands, too.

Broke for dinner at 7. Made Skillet Italian Casserole while watching Match Game PM. Connie Stevens and her strange hairstyle ended up trying to help a college student get 10,000 for her answer to "No ___," but it doesn't work the way she hoped.

For some reason, Sale of the Century skipped an episode. We had a new, slightly younger woman champ tonight. It was once again mainly about the women, who went back and forth all evening. The champ bought an Instant Bargain and started to pull ahead towards the end, winning the Speed Round decisively. She picked up a brass sculpture on the "Match the Prize" board.

Finished the night with one of the few Love Boat episodes on YouTube. I really wish there was another way to see all six seasons of this without having to wait for episodes to show up on MeTV or pay for them on CBS All Access! They only have the first three seasons on DVD and most of the first two on YouTube. I did check out one from the second season. Patty Duke is an unmarried lady with her heart set on handsome schoolteacher Tab Hunter, but her pushy grandmother (Ruth Gordon) wants her to marry rich and shoves Doc (Bernie Kopell) at her. Meanwhile, Julie tries to help a former comedian (Phil Foster) regain his confidence, and a college kid (Robert Hedgyes) pursues every cute girl on the ship but the one who actually has her eyes on him (Maureen McCormick). 

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